Mollie on her first Flight!

Mollie & MackThis was truly a special adoption!!  Mollie was found in the everglades in bad shape.  She was rescued and taken to the vet and treated and given food!!  Destiny was contacted by the Rodan’s to adopt Mollie.  The Rodan’s live in Tallahassee and Mollie was in Palm Beach County.  A wonderful man named Jeff flew Mollie to meet her new family with no charge for his time and service.  What a wonderful rescue angel Jeff is.  Mollie arrived home and here is what her new family had to say, “OMG!  Mollie is absolutely perfect!  Rode home with no accidents.  When we got home our dog Mack ran outside and after a few seconds of sniffing hello they ran together and have been wrestling and playing ever since.”

We know Mollie will truly live “Happily Ever After” !! ♥ ♥ ♥

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