“Good Morning! Love the posting on the website, will be forwarding it to all my contacts! THANKS! UPDATE: The voting on Ollie’s name change was done on Easter with 18 people, family & friends. Here’s the choices: MUGSEY, MARLEY, MOOSE, MILEY, MACK, OLLIE: Results: 16 for Ollie (including me) and 2 for MOOSE!  He has been such a good dog, now running around the yard with M&M, pees & poops in the yard, (goes to the farthest corner from the back door, so nobody ever steps in it!) He’s been so good, I got him a new outdoor bed, which is big enough for all 3! He’s good about Sharing! Speaking of beds, he is now sleeping with the rest of us! Goes to sleep in the big bed, and sometime during the night switches to the bench at the end of the bed, and when he wakes up in the morning JUMPS! up in bed with us wagging tail and giving kisses!! SO I got him a new outdoor bed for being such a good dog! and he loves it! This adoption has been a WIN-WIN for all of us!”

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