Pupdate: Daisy


“I just thought I’d send you a new picture of Daisy (Sally, min pin chihuahua).  Daisy and Bandit are the best of friends and wherever Daisy is Bandit isn’t far behind.  They love to wrestle and play together.  Daisy has managed to divert Bandit’s attention from the cats which is a great relief for the cats.  As fast as Bandit is Daisy surprisingly can run circles around him which is great because she manages to tucker him out so he is a lot calmer in the house.  We finished our 6 week training session with Bandit and Daisy.  Daisy is a star pupil but we are continuing to practice.”

🐾💕We are wishing Daisy, her mom, dad and fur-sibling, Bandit, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕 

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