Pupdate: Dresden

“Thought I’d give you a glimpse into Dresden’s New England country life. She’s so relaxed she was falling asleep sitting up. 100’s of acres of beauty off our back porch and a fenced in yard just for her!
We adore her. Dresden brings us such joy every day. What a great travel companion. She flys like she’s been doing it for years She was quiet in her carrier (which doesn’t last long because we are frequent flyers – don’t tell anyone)
Then our dogs are allowed about the cabin to entertain in first class.
I love you for giving her to us. She’s only barked 3 times and each time something was there. We had a bob cat in the backyard in the middle of the night, my husband in the kitchen at midnight and my daughter came up from NC to surprise me for my birthday. I finally have a watch dog. My other two dogs greet people and point out the silver.”

Dresden truly hit the doggie lottery.

Don’t you wish you were there?

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