Pupdate: Patrick


Patrick was rescued from PBCACC a year and a half ago. He was so scared, no one could go near him. Patrick curled up at the back of the cage. Then came Carol who saved this little guy. After spending a few weeks at the vet’s office Patrick went to Beth to foster.

Beth has the patience of a saint. However, Patrick still needed some medical help. Foster mom’s Beth and Sue took Patrick to Dr. Keller, a holistic veterinarian. She treated his fear and within a few months, Patrick began to come out of the crate, and would even sleep with his foster mom, Beth and his two fur siblings.

Then a wonderful lady came to an event and met Patrick. It was love at first sight for both Leslie and Patrick.

Thanks to Carol, Beth, Sue and Dr. Keller, “Patrick Finley” is now in his loving forever home.

Wishing Patrick and his awesome mom, Leslie “Happy Days Ahead!”

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