Pupdate: Toby

From Toby’s mom: 

“We adopted Toby , the senior JRT, a few weeks ago.  He is now back in NH with us and he is just totally awesome.  He is sooooo good and loving.  We totally adore him.  I often say that we both hit the jackpot…we got a great dog and he got a great home….thank you for bringing him into our lives.

We went to visit a dear friend in a nursing home yesterday and Toby was a big hit. I knew he would be. 

Because he is small, the old people all thought he was a puppy.  Again, he was so good.  Very gentle and friendly.  Dogs really light up the old people’s day!  I learned that when I brought my last dog to visit my Dad.”  

Wishing Toby, his loving mom and dad, “Happy Days Ahead!”

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