RIP Rocky

🐾💔Very Sad Update from Rocky’s Mom.  Rest in Peace Sweet Boy💔🐾

“My boy Rocky passed away early Sunday morning😭.  He had a mass on his scrotum, it broke we rushed him to the emergency vet, they couldn’t operate because of his heart condition… he was in very bad pain, so I had to let him go, I feel so bad, but nothing I could do for him.. he was a great dog, and happy I had him for this long

This is go bye bye face, always happy to go bye bye in the car, it’s so lonely without him, I feel so bad.”

We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Rocky💔You were such an extraordinary fur mom to Rocky. He was blessed to have you. We know that you did everything humanly possible for this special guy. Know that he is at Peace, Happy, Healthy, Whole. Running free at Rainbow Bridge🌈 

Until you meet again, always in your heart, thoughts and loving memories♥️

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