RIP Roxy and Cali Girl

Cali was our 16 year old Golden Retriever who passed in February 2022 from old age and Roxy was our sweet angel we adopted many years ago and her approximate age was 13 who passed in May 2022. Roxy finally succumb to her long time Cushing’s disease that she was being treated for since she was diagnosed many many years ago. Both lived so much longer than anyone thought as they were so loved and happy. Roxy and Cali were ready to move out of Florida and go on a long road trip across country, but they just could not last long enough for the journey of their lifetime. We will miss having our big girls traveling with us. Roxy and Cali are survived by their Chihuahua sister and two cats, Rock Monster and KiKi. RIP our sweet angels.

All our love…Mommy and Daddy

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