Sally is Home


“It’s Sally.  Here is a picture of me with my new mom and dad.  I have had the best couple of days with them.  We have had so much fun.  Friday my mom took me to get shampoo at my new vet.  Dr. Mike was outside and I got to meet him.  He was happy to meet me too.  Then we met my new Aunt Marcy and my new friend Hershey.  We had lunch at a restaurant outside, it was a beautiful day.  We went to Petco after lunch and my mom bought me a few more supplies.  We came home and Aunt Marcy and Hershey came back for a visit.  After they left we rested and then my new dad came home and we played. I love to sit in his lap and sleep.
Saturday we were home but today we are going to the pet store and for a ride in the car in my new car seat. I love my new family and they think I’m great.  Thanks for finding me my new forever home. 


We wish for every rescue baby the same love and happiness that Sally is receiving from her extraordinary new parents.🐾💕🙏

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