Senior Sally

“Hi Joann this is Carol, Sally’s mom.  It’s been a while and Sally will be 14 in June and we took her home almost 2 1/2 years ago.  She is sleeping in her pup tent at my work, she goes to work 2 days with me and 2 days with her daddy.  The other days she is home with me. Sally is the best thing that ever happened to us.  She is smart, sweet, loves everybody and everyone who crosses her path loves her.  She is a daddy’s girl but I get lots of love too. Sally is the happiest little girl and is so much fun.  She makes us laugh and smile all the time. She is doing exceptionally well and just had her yearly check up.  She acts like a young dog and has lots of energy.  She surprises our vet.  He and his staff just love her.  More people should consider older dogs – they are so grateful for the love and care you give them.
Sally’s portrait and Sally sleeping 💤 in her bed thought you’d like a couple of other pics. 
We’ll keep in touch.  Best Regards, Carol, Barry and Sally🐶🐾”

🐾💕We all agree “Senior Dogs Rock” and are so appreciative. Wishing Sally, her mom and dad, continued  “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕 DFD

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