Happily Ever After 02Below is a note from Teddy’s new mom and dad:

“Teddy is happily adjusting to us and we to him.  He has now comfortably settled into a routine of sorts and seems quite content.  Eating well, loves his walks, loves his play times, and has met many of the neighbors.  He met a few in the family ahead of a big family time on Monday.  Handled it very well, and they all easily saw how lovable and well-behaved he is.  He does like to jump up on people and can get pretty excited, but is learning “down.”  We still let him do that when we come back from being out, since he is so happily loving to see us come back  (which is never more than a couple of hours, and usually just one of us at a time from some shopping, a meeting,  or an appointment.)  No accidents in the house since the 3rd day, so we’re learning what his likely times are to go out and hope to learn how he is trying to tell us, or maybe we can teach him to show us.  We’ve arranged for a fence installation also, which should happen pretty quickly.  All in all, it’s going very well and we love that we are indeed his “forever home” as much as he does….and you!”

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