“Good morning!☀️Today Tucker gets to be in the spotlight! We are just a week shy of his 4 mo “Gotcha Day” but I couldn’t wait to share these progress photos! Yesterday was spa day at the groomers and truly revealed how much he has filled out 🤩 he is now a super healthy 35.5 lbs 💪 he LOVES his homemade food. He snorts while eating 😂 & may have to change to a slow bowl when it used to take him nearly 30 min to finish his meals. Roasted cinnamon sweet potatoes are by far his favorite treat 😋 As you can see from the photo he even tolerates Finn the cat now! Tucker has decided that he is definitively Lili’s child and is now her official registered Emotional Support Animal 💝 They both need one another & I believe this was a divinely crafted partnership 🙏 We could not be more grateful for this little angel and for everyone who worked so hard to save his life”

🐾💕We are wishing Tucker and his positively perfect two & four legged family, continued “Happy Days Ahead!🐾💕

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