Winnie Pupdate

🐾💕Beautiful Photos and Message from Winnie’s Wonderful Mom🐾💕

🐾🎃”Hi there I wanted to send you Winnie as a ladybug…… Winnie 2021 Halloween🎃🐾 💎♦️I had Winnie groomed and the groomer decided to bedazzle her (to my surprise)! Grateful on a daily basis for this beauty♦️💎
💔We all see horrific stories of these creatures abused, abandoned, and left to fend for themselves……You and your rescues persistence to get these strays a chance to live a humane life is not overlooked!💔 I find it to be poetic justice that dogs like my Winnie are rescued and  treated better than some people treat others!   Thank you for finding Winnie. She is so happy all the time.

🌹We are wishing Winnie and her extraordinary mom continued,
“Happy Days Ahead!”🌹

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