Flight to ChicagoHere is a message from Zoey’s new mom:

“You gave me new life and to Zoey, a loving family!  We are each very happy and can’t thank you enough!  She is the smartest and sweetest, little 9 pound creature on earth and we are definitely in love.  She already knows me like a book!  I’ve learned Zoey is a clothes horse….loves trying on one dress after another.  Actually, to her it means we are going outside which she really likes.  This morning as she headed out in the back yard, there was a little bunny in the middle of the grass…..I never saw such a race like that before ever!  The bunny won, but he couldn’t find a way out…my handyman had sealed every inch of the fence so Zoey couldn’t ‘escape ….the bunny must’ve found a way out eventually!   Zoey has become the best wrestling friend with my other daughter, Cassandra’s 2 year old Jack Russell.  They play endlessly!  She started school last Saturday …a private class as she doesn’t tolerate other dogs.  She flunked and will have to repeat!!!  Well, she knows she’s a princess!  We thank you over and over.”

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