King’s Pupdate

🐾Good News Update from King’s Daddy🐾

“It was two years ago today that King and I met for the first time when you introduced us. It didn’t take long for a bond to form – by everyone’s reckoning he’s sweetheart. He’s lost most of his eyesight and all of his hearing, but none of his personality or charm.  It’s been more than a year since he last barked, and then, he was as surprised by the sound he made as I was. His eating routine is whatever he decides each day, and so it’s long since stopped being a routine.  He loves the sun, but not the heat. Cold doesn’t bother him, but snow does.  He’s allergic to just about everything that’s green and grows, yet he sticks his nose right into it whenever he can. He wasn’t ever fast, and lately arthritis has been slowing him down, but he’s always ready for a walk.  He sleeps a lot, and he snores.  He never complains. I’m keeping him.”

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