Lana is Home

🐾💕GOOD NEWS PUPDATE! Lana now Amber has been adopted and in her loving forever home🐾💕
Thank you to Dr. Abbott & Staff @ Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve for taking such great care of Lana. Plus Dr. Abbott for performing a very involved spay due to scar tissue from so many litters which required C-Section. 

Special “Thank You” to foster mom, Rona for doing such an amazing job getting her ready for the perfect loving forever home. A HUGE “SHOUT OUT” to Sharon Harper for rescuing Lana for Destiny. 

From Lana’s new mommy. “We’ve renamed her Amber and she already knows her name. She’s perfect in every way. We’ve never had a sweeter little four legged girl. She’s doing very well. I’d say she’s pretty well moved in and has us wrapped around her paw.  She never meets a stranger and is very affectionate. Amber was groomed Monday and our groomer commented how sweet and friendly she is. We’re so thankful that you all allowed us to be her mom and dad. ❤️”

🐾💕We are wishing Amber, her new mom & dad, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

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