Luna…no more breeding abuse!


Luna spent her life as a breeder dog. When rescued, she was skin and bones, ear, eye and skin infections. A growth on her back and on her gums. Vickie Virzi, thank you for rescuing Luna and transporting to Destiny💗

Thank you to Dr. Abbott, Lynn Mcgrew and Staff for all that you did medically (spay, dental, growth removals, biopsies, medication, bloodwork and aftercare) to start Luna on the road to recovery💗

A “SPECIAL” Thank You to Luna’s Foster Mom, Amanda Lawrence for working your magic, providing extraordinary care physically and emotionally to your precious foster girl. Plus finding Luna the perfect new mom and loving forever home. No words to express our appreciation💗

From Luna’s new mom, Laine:

“♥️I am in love with Luna and she’s in love with me.  She slept through the night in her bed in my bedroom. When I woke up she had moved the bed closer to my bed. I just lost it♥️  Luna follows me around already. I am obsessed with her.
JoAnn, I couldn’t love her more. I just couldn’t. She’s just so delicious. I can’t stop kissing her and she loves it. Luna grunts and looks at me like I’m her mommy.♥️ If this is day one, can you imagine how happy we’re all going to be in the years to come? Luna says “good morning.” She had her walkie, breakfast and face squish cleaning. She’s just a treasure.♥️”

Luna will now be loved, nurtured, and provided everything that she so deserves.  Now a beloved family member, not a money maker. Luna will only experience love and “Happy Days Ahead!”💗

It takes a Village and we have the most amazing Villagers!
Love, Hugs & Thanks to each of you♥️

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