Pancha’s Story

♥️Pancha’s Story from her forever mom, Patty♥️

Pancha found her humans this last June ! Although she was overlooked by hundreds because of …., a “tick” on her underjaw (as a distemper survivor), her senior age(9 y/o), and spunky personality ( as a terrier is expected). She went through 3 foster homes in 3 months….what a road to meet us!

She lived alone, on a patio, had worms infestation, 8 teeth extracted and UTI when she was given to DFD- but her BELIEVE in life, toys & humans was always there, and ready to Rock’n Roll!!

The KEY in between us & PANCHA…..Calm Assertive Energy….Everyday, exercise, discipline and lots of affection- It’s never too late to learn.

She accomplished, in under 4 months with us…..Canine Good Citizen , Barn Hunt Instinct, Barn Hunt Novice and Trick Dog Novice Titles !!!

Yes, she could be wired a bit different sometimes, but….aren’t we all like that?

I share her story to tell you , my friends, that a Senior Dog, even w medical background and living in isolation- can LEARN, HAVE FUN and more important…..LOVE YOU FUREVER!!!

🌹Special “Thank You” to Pancha’s mom for sharing this sharing and beautiful “Happily Ever After” story🌹

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