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Pupdate: Stella


“Stella loved her gift from Chewy-thanks. I’m so lucky to have her, especially now during this Covid time. A living being to snuggle with💗

I adopted Stella Labor Day weekend 2012. After my other little dog passed in August, one day before my late husband’s birthday. He was the sweetest ABD. I used to take him to work. Everyone loved him.” 

We are all so thankful that Stella was adopted by her amazing mom and has had such a loving forever home since 2012. She went from wandering the streets of Miami, starving, neglected, overbred, dirty, covered in fleas and ticks to living in the lap of luxury. Stella sure hit the doggie lottery with such a extraordinary mom who has provided her a wonderful and loving forever home. “A picture is worth a thousand words.”

We are wishing Stella and her mom, continued, 🐾💕“Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

In Memory of: Luna

Luna has lost her battle with cancer and walked over the Rainbow Bridge where there is no pain and suffering.  RIP Luna

Pupdate: Scarlett


“ Hi there. Just wanted you to see how amazing Scarlett is doing. She walked up a mountain trail with us in lookout mountain in North Carolina. She did great. She’s well loved and spoiled. We can’t thank you enough for choosing us to be her humans.😊”

💗Special “Thank You” to Scarlett’s Foster Mom, Michelle Martin, for taking such great care of her before and after open heart surgery💗

In Memory of…Lovey

This little kitty was living on the streets with a homeless woman. She was very I’ll and it appeared that she had been a while. As soon as we heard of this situation we picked her up and took her to the emergency. She was having difficulties breathing and was extremely lethargic. When she arrived, she was in full kidney failure and we could not save her. It was agreed that there was only humane thing to do – end her suffering. Before she left this world we named her Lovey and our volunteer Gina stayed with her and showed Lovey kindness and love. She had one final kiss before she passed. RIP angel.

Pupdate: Bella


From Bella’s new Mom: 
“Bella is so fabulous. Our friends came over with their dog and he fell in love. Although she is waiting for a richer guy. 

Thank you so much for taking such loving care of this wonderful dog. Bella has our hearts 💕”

Pupdate: Pearl now Lucy

🐾💕Good News Pupdate from Lucy, AKA Pearl’s mom🐾💕

“Lucy is spoiled rotten but much loved. She is sassy and I serve her gladly.”

We just love sharing such awesome updates and photos. 

Wishing Lucy and her mom, lots of love and continued, “Happy Days Ahead!”

In Memory of: Loba


💔A special “Thank You” to Loba’s foster mother, Susan for taking such wonderful hospice care of her. Plus providing quality of life and TLC during her last few months on earth. The following message was written by Susan💔

“🌈Today we sent this beautiful girl to run free to rainbow bridge where I’m  sure her other mother is waiting for her.  We took her in after her owner passed away so she could spend her last few months in a big yard with lots of dog friends and love. Loba was a very sweet girl and will be missed by my family but she was ready to go. She was so bad on Sunday she couldn’t even walk but wanted to. Loba  was struggling and I did not want her to suffer. She was so tired.  But I had a dream that night that she was running thru our yard happy, healthy with her tail high and I knew it was her time. Run free sweet Loba🌈”

Pupdate: Ruby


“Ruby with dad … thank you for bringing us together 5 years ago.  Ruby will be 11 in August.”

Ruby truly hit the doggie lottery. When rescued, she was so shy and afraid of people. Thanks to her mom, dad and two legged brother, Ruby is such a special part of this wonderful family and she is so loved♥️

In Memory of: Mr. King

“Mr. King passed away this morning. Thank you for the opportunity to be his mom these last few years Jo. He was my dream boy❤️.  King would have been 17 in September. He was the best little guy. Thank you for you Jo. You made it possible. 😘”

When King’s mom met him, it was love at first sight for both. King was a senior with lots of issues. However, none of this mattered to his mom. She loved him unconditionally and took the best care to ensure that he had the happiest life filled with great food, toys, lots of cuddling and love. Thank you Ro for all that you did for King. You were truly his rescue angel. 

💗With love and appreciation💗

In Memory of : Charlie


We are so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Charlie. Thank you for providing him the most amazing life through thick and thin. You never gave up on him and you loved Charlie unconditionally. You were his rescue angels. From the bowels of hell at MDAS’ euthanasia room to hitting the doggy lottery with you. Until you meet again, always in your heart and loving thoughts. Rest In Peace, dear sweet, Charlie. You were so loved. Run free now, happy, healthy and whole🌈

Pupdate: Buddy now Harley


From Buddy’s mom, Tish:

“Hi JoAnn!!  It’s Tish.  I just wanted to share this photo with you.  Guess who’s 10 years old now?  How time flies!  And he still has and eats out of the red bowl you gave him when I took him home.  The top is when he was rescued & has the date on it – and they figured he was about a year old then.  The one on the bottom is when I brought him home.  And these two of him and Rainy having fun in the snow – I LOVE the smiles on their faces. ♥️♥️”

Seeing these photos bring tears of joy. Buddy was one of the worst abuse cases that I have witnessed over years in rescue.  This is why we do what we do. Why we are the voice of the voiceless.  Thanks to all rescue angels for all that you do each and every day to save precious lives.  Buddy is a perfect example what love can do💗 Harley, who we refer to as “Buddy”, was the first dog that I assisted with rescuing from MDAS.  Poor guy was found in a box on the streets of Miami. He was totally emaciated and very ill. It was touch and go for months. During this entire process a dear lady (Tish) fell in love with Buddy. Tish never gave up on him. She drove from Vero to West Palm Beach weekly to visit Buddy. Always bringing him toys and treats. Tish was/is truly Buddy’s “Rescue Angel.” Thank you Tish for all you did and have done for this very loving and deserving guy. You will always be my hero. 

In Memory of: Fuzzy


“Fuzzy has gone to dog heaven, he was in my lap eating dried liver chips when the anesthesia kicked in.  He had a big melanoma in his jaw, we did auto immune treatments but rejected radiation and surgery for pain and no firm guarantees of extended life time.  JoAnn we loved him so much and thank you again for finding him for us.  

We still have Bunny, high maintenance with special  allergy vet treatments etc. She’s almost totally deaf.  Two trainers and various gadgets never solved her exasperating barking.  But by default she’s now top dog and always lovable.  Thank you for her- and for all you do for so many dogs.”

Fuzzy’s parents took such excellent care of him. We know there will be a huge void in their hearts and home. We are sending our loving thoughts and prayers. Fuzzy will always remain in their loving thoughts and prayers until they meet again at Rainbow Bridge 🌈 

In Memory of : Tico


“It is with profound sadness that we tell you that we lost Tico this morning at about 11:15.  He had been sick about two weeks.  The first ultrasound showed that he had pancreatitis and a suspicion that he had prostate cancer but because of all the inflammation they were not sure.  We had him rescanned today and they found cancer in his bones, lungs, abdomen, colon and prostate.  They said it would be days – maybe a week and he would be gone and in terrible pain.  We could NOT let that happen. 

He was the most loving, sweet, gentle and beautiful soul that ever walked this earth. He deserved to have a long and happy life and I would give everything I own to have made that happen.  He went out of this world the way he lived – sweetly and gently.

We want to thank you for giving us the best year of our life.  We cannot believe how ironic this entire thing has been.  We were to get a Westie female, six years old that was being retired from the same farm our Winchester came from.  She was not supposed to be here until the fall.  We got a call that they had to push up the schedule because of everything that is happening with the virus.  Today is the day she will arrive from NC.  I think my vet put it best.  “He was sent to you to do a job. He was sent to bring joy back in your life after the loss of your beloved Winchester.  His job is done.  It is time for him to rest and then play at the bridge.” We will never forget him.  He will always be close in our hearts and never far from me.  He was my boy and always will be.”

We are all so very sorry for the loss of this beautiful and loving boy. We are also so appreciative to his wonderful parents who did everything possible to save Tico’s life. Thank You. 

Until you meet again, Tico will remain in your heart. Just look Up🌈

Pupdate: Oliver

🐾💕First picture is Oliver with his foster failure new daddy, Barry, relaxing on a lovely Blankets Made with Love. Second photo is of Oliver relaxing on the couch with “his very own” blanket.  Third photo is Diamond the Rottie standing on her special blanket in her crate. Thank you so very much Trudy Downes and the angels that volunteer with you. The blankets all of you create with love sure make a difference in the lives of sooo many rescue babies🐾💕

💗NOTE: Diamond is going through treatment, once completed she too will be looking for her loving forever home. When time, Diamond will be taking her Blessings Blank made with Love to her new loving forever home.  Diamond is with Rising Star Rottie Rescue. For additional information or to meet and fall in love with this gorgeous girl, please contact Evelyn (561) 386-0514💗

Pupdate: Molly


“Molly is doing well, has started to come out of her shell. I think she is just feeling better and has really come to life. Full of energy and wants to play. She has even put on a pound or two. Today was the first time she went up the stairs to our house. Molly has really started to enjoy herself. 

I had wanted to get a dog/Molly for the kids. Strangely I am Molly’s favorite. She has me wrapped around her paw. LOL.”

Molly is one fortunate little gal. She was rescued from a backyard breeder. Her puppies were removed while she was still nursing and full of milk. Molly was a mess, and had no trust in humans. Special thank you to her foster mom, Michelle Martin for taking such great care of Molly.  Plus seeing Molly through with her new family🌹

We are wishing Molly and her new family lots of love and only “Happy Days Ahead!”

Pupdate: Leroy now Leo


“Today was Leo’s Birthday🎈He has been such a good boy for us. Thank you again.”

We are wishing Leo a “Happy Birthday” and many, many more. Plus, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”

Pupdate: Maggie & Gracie


“We are finally moving to Colorado at the end of this month. Maggie & Gracie are going to love it out there and so will we.”  

🌞🌞We look forward to photos of the Florida Sunshine Girls that will soon become Colorado Snow Bunnies🐰🐰

We are wishing Maggie, Gracie, Mom & Dad, a safe trip and “Happy Days Ahead!”

Update: Petra now Gracie


“Gracie gets better everyday.  She walks on a leash (sometimes) and now sits (also sometimes).  And oh my goodness does she LOVE Auggie.  She absolutely adores him. She sleeps in our bed along with Auggie and sometimes. Mariel, the cat.  (The cat and Gracie have formed a truce). 

She loves to be outside running in the yard or just laying in the sun. She lays in a “sun spot” like a cat soaking up the heat.  I think it just feels so good to be outside. She is completely potty trained.  All the neighbors are smitten (but who could blame them). Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.  She is such a blessing.”

Gracie was one of 10 Pomeranians rescued from a backyard breeder. All were bad shape, physically and mentally. HUGE THANK YOU to Foster Mom’s Michelle Martin, Jennifer Kelly-strzepka. You have hearts of gold. To our vets and their amazing staff, Linda Abbott , DVM and Evan Kadish, DVM. Plus, Destiny’s Sister Rescue, Have a Heart’s Janice Bagnato Green, Diane Francis, their vet Dr. Butzer and staff. Thanks to Cynthia Clements for picking up nine girls at one time and transporting to Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve. 

Destiny is honored to work with such loving, caring, dedicated, compassionate and committed fosters, rescuers, veterinarians and staff members to get all these angels to the most amazing loving forever homes. 

Pupdate: King

From King’s dad: ‘Twas a year ago today that King began his journey to Virginia. He’s wearing his winter coat in the photo on the left; his spring attire – including bandana – on the right. An ophthalmologist has been treating his dry eye and since January his coat has improved dramatically thanks to a change in food to My Perfect Pet. King would say he was “The King” before I ever showed up. But most days he wants to spend at least 30 minutes in my lap.’

This handsome guy hit the lottery with his extraordinary forever home🐾💕

🐾💕Wishing King and his dad, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”

Update: Scruffy now Lulu!

Special Thank You to Cynthia Clements for trapping Scruffy after she was running lose for 4 months. Thank you for arriving at the Amelia  Earhart Park with freshly cooked bacon at 5am to trap Scruffy! Also, many thanks to Officer Juan for feeding and watching over Scruffy to ensure her safety.  This was total dedication and team work to make this happen. There are not enough words to express our appreciation to Cynthia, Juan, and others who assisted. Thanks to all, this special angel is living the life she so deserved🌹

Scruffy now LuLu is adored by her new mom. She is now fully vetted, happy, healthy, and has a personal trainer. LuLu’s beautiful hair is growing back after being totally shaved down from her entire body being matted. 

We will continue to provide updates as LuLu’s hair grows all the way in and her progress with personal trainer, Jennifer Bielen. 

Love, Hugs, and Thanks to Cynthia Clements for not giving up until LuLu was safe and sound and for transporting her to Dr. Kadish for the medical care💗

We all wish LuLu and her new mom, Happy Days Ahead!