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Ollie Update


“Never a dull moment around here! In spite of the fact that Ollie has his own LARGE outdoor bed W/ plush cushion, on the patio, this is favorite spot every morning! “Soaking up sun on top of the hose holder!”
He’s such a funny dog! I think he thinks he’s the same size as Maggie & Marvin..
No space is too small for him! He’s such a happy dog, and we just LOVE him! 💖”

Smiling from ear to ear. Wishing Ollie, Maggie, Marvin and Mom, continued, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕


♥️This touching story was written by Oliver’s mom, who also created a beautiful video to remember this very special boy who will be missed by all♥️

“Hello, this is Judeene, I adopted Oliver (black shih tzu) back in 2019. Today was a very sad day for me and my family, we had to lay him down today due to his severe cancer.  But I know Oliver is now in no more pain. He was truely a light to us. He knew when I was feeling down and always crawled on me to cheer me up. He was everything and I want to thank you and everyone involved for allowing me to adopt him and for bringing him into my life and also helping us through this process. 

Although its hard to come to the conclusion that he’s gone, he was amazing and a great soul. Oliver will forever be loved 🖤. Thank you for everything.”

🌈🌹We are all so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Oliver. Thank you for being so wonderful, loving and caring to him. Until you meet again, Oliver will remain in your heart and loving memories🌹🌈

🌈In Loving Memory of King

From King’s amazing and loving Dad, Joe💔

“JoAnn, King took ill just over a week ago and he was admitted to a nearby animal hospital on Monday. At first the staff there were optimistic that he’d be returning home soon, though the treatment options for his cancer would be limited. But then he took a turn for the worse yesterday morning, and he died in my arms at the hospital last night.  Everyone whoever encountered him knew him to be the sweetest little guy. I can’t thank you enough for letting him be with me. I only wish it could have been for a longer time. I miss him already. 

Please feel free to post photos and information about King on your website. I have many photos of him. Here’s one, and I’ll send more so you’ll have a variety of choices. 

There are lots more, but for now I will end with the photo that won the local camera store contest.”

To know King was to love him. We are all so sorry for the loss of this beautiful senior gentleman. Our healing thoughts and prayers go out to his Dad, Joe who provided unconditional love and took extraordinary care of his beloved, King. 

🌈Rest In Peace sweet boy at Rainbow Bridge,

Happy Healthy and Whole🌈

Happy Valentine’s Day


🐾💕Kat adopted Chicarroo (tan and white) from Destiny for Dogs. And Stuart Little (white) was Kat’s beloved, sister’s dog that she brought to her farm to live🐾💕

🌹Wishing Bill & Kat Zs, Chicaroo, Stuart Little and everyone a very “Happy Valentine’s Day🌹

Betty White Challenge


Dear Janet, Joe, and Joey,
Thank you for being the first to donate to Destiny for Dogs “In Honor of Betty White’s 100th Birthday.” You took the “Betty White Challenge” and we are grateful that you chose Destiny to honor everyone’s beloved, Betty. We are sure that there will a lot of celebrating on January 17th at Rainbow Bridge 🌈

Also, many thanks for all that you do to save precious lives. Plus providing Ruby such an extraordinary, loving forever home. Just had to share Ruby’s photos and comments:

Ruby is now 12 1/2 years old. Poor girl has a pinched nerve in shoulder and on gabapentin. Please keep Ruby in your thoughts & prayers for the healing of her shoulder🐾💕🙏

Much love, hugs, and thanks♥️🥰🐾💕

From Colby’s Mom


“We actually have you to thank.  

Colby is everything this family needed after we lost our sweet Lilly. 

Without you, we wouldn’t have had this incredible love we get from Colby.  I tell my husband all the time, I love the way Colby loves us. 

You are every dogs angel and we all have you to thank.”

💗One very special little girl for one extraordinary family💗

RIP Charlie


“♥️You will always be my buddy, you gave me so much joy.  I miss you already Charlie.♥️”

💔We are all so sorry for the loss of your beloved, Charlie and know how much you loved him and what he meant to you💔
Charlie was blessed the day he became your forever fur-baby.
Thank you for providing him such an amazing, forever home filled only with love, happiness and the best that life has to offer.

We are sending lots of love, healing thoughts and prayers at this most difficult time. Charlie will always be in your heart and by your side. Until You Meet Again … “Just Look Up!”

Much Love, Hugs & Healing Prayers🐾🙏
💗The Destiny for Dogs Family💗

Laurie Zavalcofsky

🌹♥️In Loving Memory of our very own Kat Ziagos’ beloved sister, Laurie♥️🌹

Dearest Kat, 

We are all so sorry for the loss of your beloved sister, Laurie. Our hearts, love, healing thoughts and prayers go out to you, Bill and your family. 

Laurie will be missed by all however you have another angel in heaven to watch over you. Plus watch over all the babies who you both lost that are now at Rainbow Bridge 🌈 

You are so special and we are all blessed to have you in our lives as we know so many were blessed to have Laurie.

💗We love you dearly💗

🐾The Destiny for Dogs Family🐾


Maribelle with her human sister and mom. They are all enjoying her Blessing Blanket Made with Love. 

Maribelle has been a wonderful family member. Please pray for this loving girl as she is not well with her cancer💔

Lots of Loving Thoughts and prayers to Maribelle and her family. 

Special “Thank You” to Trudy and her volunteer angels for providing comfort to rescue babies as they start their new lives and at the end of a beautiful life time🌹🐾♥️


We are all thankful and grateful to Pancha’s foster mom for finding the most wonderful, loving forever mom and home for this special senior girl. So proud of all Pancha’s accomplishments due to these two amazing moms. 

Note from foster mom, Barbara Phillippi who also rescued Frankie the JRT. Barbara also worked her magic with Frankie who turned out to be a fabulous temperament tester. Thank you Barbara and Frankie🐾💕

“Pancha was one of my favorite adoptions ever. Patty and I keep in touch. Christmas Blessings to you and Kenny. Picture of Frankie…”



“Piper spent Christmas holidays in Southern California. We sure do love her and she brings so much joy to us and others that want to love on her in our travels. We will be heading to Florida in a few weeks. Hope everything is well with you. I’ve said it before, but she really is the perfect dog.”

🐾💕Piper is one lucky little lady
Wishing Piper, mom & dad continued, “Happy Days Ahead!🐾💕


Update from Zorro’s Mom

“My Foster Failure, Zorro. Tiny kitten weighs in at 22 pounds💕 I found Zorro on Destiny for Dogs. He was so little & now he is a moose. So grateful you gave me the chance to be a Foster Failure. Thank you‼️

Zorro plays catch & gives his  paw🐾.  He is amazing. He had to be part 🐶 dog. He is crazy fun.
Last photo is Zorro playing catch with me.

Zorro hit the kitty lottery. Wishing him and his mom, continued, “Happy Days Ahead!”


Mally has been adopted and in her loving forever home. 



Thank you Carol for all that you have done for Charlie. This precious guy had such a difficult life until you. Adopted four times and two foster homes. Charlie hit the doggie lottery and is now living the life he has always deserved. Just no words to express our appreciation🌹

Charlie’s mom hit the nail on the head when she said “People adopting a rescue animal need to know that sometimes it takes a while to find the right match.” 

Charlie is happy with his mom and  family. And as Carol says, “Never give up on them.  It’s worth it!”

🐾💕We are wishing Charlie, mom and fur siblings, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕


🐾💕Good News Pupdate from Luna’s Mom🐾💕

“Luna in her new Christmas Outfit. I love this girl so much. She is so sweet and allows me to do anything to her as she loves attention. Luna loves everyone she meets and they love her.”

Luna went from being a “Breeder Dog” to being the center of her mother’s life, love and family. This is what love can do!



“Thank you, Milton sends much love!  He is something, when we walk people say here’s Milton and what’s his name. They remember his name but they forget mine 😝.

I have been recommending you and your organization to many people. I hope they’re contacting you.

Believe me, every day Ellen and I think of you and the blessings of bringing Milton into our lives!


🐾💕Good News Pupdate from Max’s Mom🐾💕

“Max is all set for the holidays. He had a great birthday and now plays with the other small dogs in the neighborhood.  He just loves his daddy and his training went very well. Max is extremely spoiled but he deserves it. 

He is very smart. Almost smarter than 2 master degrees and that is smart! He learns quickly. We love him so much and are so grateful that you chose us to be his pet parents.”

🎉We are all wishing Max and his parents, continued “Happy Days Ahead!” Plus an extraordinary Holiday Season and 2022🎉



This is my fur niece, Jelly. She was adopted from BDRR after being saved from a “Meat Market” in China.  My brother and sister in law love Jelly dearly. 

They all missed the snow and are now happy to be “home, sweet home.”

Thank you Lauree Simmons & BDRR for saving this gorgeous, sweet, deserving and now spoiled girl🐾💕



“I hope this message finds you and Kenny well. Last month Jake and I celebrated seven wonderful years together. The day you brought him to me will be special forever. Today, April 8, 2021, is his 12th birthday ! He is just as awesome today as he was the first day I saw him. I cannot express to you my heartfelt thanks for allowing him to be a part of my life. Thank you and blessings to you ♥️”

Wishing the amazing Jake and extraordinary mom, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”

Pray for GG


GG & McLovin are beautiful and loving rescue babies.

Recently GG the Pomeranian had to be rushed to the ER because she could not walk. Her mom and dad did everything to save their baby girl. Thanks to the treatment GG received at the ER and her personal veterinarian, she started to stand and is taking steps.

We are asking for loving thoughts and prayers for GG to heal 100% and once again become “Happy, Healthy and Whole with continued, Happy Days Ahead!”

Lots of love and thanks to GG’s mom and dad, Susan & Mark, her doctors and to Trudy Downes for the Blessing Blankets Made with Love to provide comfort to heal♥️

Love, Hugs & Thanks♥️🥰🌹

RIP Sweet Meg

💔In Loving Memory of Meg from her mom💔

“With a very heavy heart ♥️ we said goodbye to our Meg. We will miss her soooo much she was such a big part of our lives. We thank you for bringing her into our lives for almost 8 years , she was our little diva….. she was so loved 🥰 & now she is out of pain & with her friends enjoying!!!! Thank you 🙏 you are an amazing beautiful lady for all you do!”

To know Meg was to love her. She will be missed by her mom, dad and everyone she touched. Sending loving thoughts and healing prayers to Meg’s parents.
Rest In Peace sweet girl, you are now happy, healthy and whole running free at Rainbow Bridge until you meet again🌈



“Hope you’re doing well and enjoying the holidays!  Now that we’ve had him for 9 months, we wanted to give you an update on Sparky, who we renamed as Spencer.  He’s doing just great, and has grown into a very smart and playful pup who’s been a wonderful addition to our family.  He is very affectionate and loving with us, really enjoys running around the house and the yard with his tail about to wag off, and he particularly likes watching dogs and animals on TV!  He still has some trust and fear issues with other people and dogs, and barks like crazy when he’s excited about something or someone, but he’s doing well with his training and making improvements every day.

Thanks for giving u s the opportunity to adopt Spencer and make him a part of our family!!”


🐾🌹Thank You to Angel’s Trudy Downes and Volunteers for the Beautiful Blessing Blanket Made with Love for Mally.  She is pretty in purple and so very comfy cuddling on foster mom’s couch.

Trudy – We all love what you do for the “Rescue World” and our rescue babies in need. You provide something of their very own which makes them feel comfortable and secure, plus take to their new loving forever home🌹🐾


🎈Happy 3rd Birthday, Zoe.  Wishing you the best of everything🎈

From Zoe’s mom.
“JoAnn- it’s been 3 years since you sent this bundle of love to us. Today is her birthday and we feel so blessed to celebrate it with her.
Zoe (Bella) continues to fill our home with joy and love. Thank you again for all you do! – Aurora”

🐾💕Special “Thank You” to foster mom, Michelle for finding Zoe such an extraordinary forever home🐾💕



“Just wanted to update you on Spencer. We are slowly getting him potty trained with the pet door. He is a very sweet and loyal little dog. I love him so much. Spencer has really become part of the family.”

Spencer was used by a breeder as a “money maker” and never part of a family. So loved, so special to his mom and fur siblings for now, forever💗


We love her and she has warmed our hearts.  Warm Regards and all the Very Best in 2022.”

🌹Special “Thank You” to foster mom, Lynn for taking extraordinary care and finding Sally such a loving forever home🌹

💗We are wishing Sally, her mom and dad, “Continued, Happy Days Ahead!”💗



“Bugs just wanted to say “hi”.  

We were traveling for a few weeks (he loved Orlando & 

Charleston). We’re now settled back up in New York to spend the Holidays with his entire family”

❄️Happy Holidays Bugs. Stay warm❄️



From Lacey and Owen’s mom:

“Owen and our new Lacey”
Thank you again for the best Christmas present ever! Our daughter, Taylor is a good girl with a big heart! Especially with animals!  So thankful because if it wasn’t for her, we most likely wouldn’t have our fur babies. We are so grateful to you and Lynn beyond words! Feel so blessed!!❤️ Can’t wait for Lacey’s hair to grow in! 2nd photo of Owen is when we first got him”

Special “Thank You” to Cynthia Clements for rescuing and transporting Lacey. And to foster mom, Lynn Mcgrew, Dr. Abbott and staff for taking such great care of Lacey. What a difference a day makes with all the care, nurturing and love.  Taylor works for our veterinarian, Dr. Abbott at Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve. She fell in love immediately with Owen and a year later with Lacey🐾💕

We are wishing Lacey, her mom, dad, sister and fur-brother, Owen a very Merry Christmas with only “Happy Days Ahead for All🎄♥️❄️

Zola is now going to be a “Snow Bird” and head to Florida


❄️ “First snow this year. One month until we head south! Zola loves the snow, but loves the beach more!

🌹Foster Mom, Michelle Martin and I am looking forward to seeing Zola and her mom🌹

Olive has been Rescued!

Meet Olive. Olive is about 1-2- years old and has lived in a crate outside for about a year. The first photo is when she was rescued and the second photo is after some grooming and now in the loving arms of her new family. We are so happy that Olive is going to have a chance at love and a warm and loving home to live in.