Blessing Blankets for Destiny’s Rescues

Dear Trudy, 

🐾💕Thank you for the wonderful act of kindness that you provide to all the rescue babies. The comfort that the Blessing Blankets Made with Love is “Heaven Sent.” Because of your love & dedication, so many abused, neglected and homeless animals feel the love, warmth and comfort that they so deserve. Something of their own (maybe for the first time in their lives) that they always be theirs🐾💕

🌹Thank you for you. You are truly beautiful inside and out.🌹

💗Love from here to there. From us to you💗

💗🐾💜Destiny for Dogs💜🐾💗

Beloved Sweet “Red”


🌹A touching memorial to Red from his mom🌹

“It is with a very heavy heart that we had to say goodbye to our beautiful boy Red. Red’s life was cut short by an autoimmune disease for which there is no cure. My husband and I are extremely blessed to have shared our lives with Red for 6 plus years🐾

Red was our bright ray of sunshine every day. He was the sweetest, happiest, most loving boy ever with an incredible personality and love for life! He had a smile that would melt your heart and surely make you smile.

Red loved his morning walks, and seeing fellow neighbors and doggies. He put a smile on everyone’s face that met him. Red loved his dog van and going on adventures with us. He loved everything!

Every day with Red was truly a gift. He is loved and missed more than I can say. We pray Red is happy and whole again running free and playing with his beloved canine sister and best friend Yanna.🐾

♥️We love and miss you so much Red♥️”

🙏🐾Thank you for providing Red “Heaven on Earth.” He was so blessed to have the most wonderful, loving & nurturing parents. We are all wishing you both love & peace. Until you meet again, Red will remain in your heart & happy, loving memories♥️🐾🙏

🐾Red – Run Free! Happy, Healthy & Whole🐾

Spencer update

“Hi JoAnn,
It’s been 2 years since we adopted Spencer (formerly known as Sparky), and I thought we should give you an update!  Spencer’s continuing doing very well, he’s grown into a very smart, healthy, and playful dog that brings lots of love and joy to our lives.  He’s still a bit of a barker, and is not too fond of other dogs or other people coming to or walking by the house, and he especially dislikes Amazon trucks which just drive him crazy, although for some reason he has no problem with UPS or FedEx!  He still loves to watch, and bark at, dogs and other animals on TV, but his favorite activity is playing in the backyard, running around chasing after the lizards, or just lounging by the pool.
Thanks again for letting us make Spencer a part of our family!!”

🐾💕We are wishing stunning Spencer and his family continued, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Happy Easter from Lucky

🐾💕From Lucky the “Senior Lab’s Mom🐾💕

Here’s your “AWWWWWWW” for the day. 

🐰Lucky – Our Cadberry Bunny!🐰

Lana is Home

🐾💕GOOD NEWS PUPDATE! Lana now Amber has been adopted and in her loving forever home🐾💕
Thank you to Dr. Abbott & Staff @ Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve for taking such great care of Lana. Plus Dr. Abbott for performing a very involved spay due to scar tissue from so many litters which required C-Section. 

Special “Thank You” to foster mom, Rona for doing such an amazing job getting her ready for the perfect loving forever home. A HUGE “SHOUT OUT” to Sharon Harper for rescuing Lana for Destiny. 

From Lana’s new mommy. “We’ve renamed her Amber and she already knows her name. She’s perfect in every way. We’ve never had a sweeter little four legged girl. She’s doing very well. I’d say she’s pretty well moved in and has us wrapped around her paw.  She never meets a stranger and is very affectionate. Amber was groomed Monday and our groomer commented how sweet and friendly she is. We’re so thankful that you all allowed us to be her mom and dad. ❤️”

🐾💕We are wishing Amber, her new mom & dad, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Bodhi’s Treats

“Happy Friday! Hope all is well ☀️💛 Tucker & Bodhi wanted me to share their favorite dog treat recipe if you are ever in the baking mood! 🐾💜” 

🐾💕We are wishing Bohdi, Tucker & Mom, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Leo is Loved!

“This face…. 
I’m still overly blessed that you allowed me to be his HOOMAN!   Thank you from the bottom of my heart.   XXOO
We are sending all forms of PAWS-ative vibes, hugs, Frenchie kisses and prayers to you.”

From Destiny for Dogs…
🐾💕Thank you Leo & Mom for such a sweet message. Mom, I agree … “This Face!” 💜

Senior Sally

“Hi Joann this is Carol, Sally’s mom.  It’s been a while and Sally will be 14 in June and we took her home almost 2 1/2 years ago.  She is sleeping in her pup tent at my work, she goes to work 2 days with me and 2 days with her daddy.  The other days she is home with me. Sally is the best thing that ever happened to us.  She is smart, sweet, loves everybody and everyone who crosses her path loves her.  She is a daddy’s girl but I get lots of love too. Sally is the happiest little girl and is so much fun.  She makes us laugh and smile all the time. She is doing exceptionally well and just had her yearly check up.  She acts like a young dog and has lots of energy.  She surprises our vet.  He and his staff just love her.  More people should consider older dogs – they are so grateful for the love and care you give them.
Sally’s portrait and Sally sleeping 💤 in her bed thought you’d like a couple of other pics. 
We’ll keep in touch.  Best Regards, Carol, Barry and Sally🐶🐾”

🐾💕We all agree “Senior Dogs Rock” and are so appreciative. Wishing Sally, her mom and dad, continued  “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕 DFD

Bailey and Pepper

From Miracle now Bailey’s mom: “I knew they would hit it off ❤️”

Destiny for Dogs thinks Bailey & Pepper look so happy and are so loved. Thank You for sharing your update on your Happily Ever After

Leo is Home…Forever!


An adorable and heartfelt message from Leo now Leo Rooster’s new mom: “My heart is melted on the floor!  Need a heart wet vac!  I’m in love!  “Rooster” What a blessing it has been to meet this amazing group of ladies at Destiny for Dogs.  My experience has been five stars, and as for Leo, he hung the moon in dogdom!!!!! After the loss of our beloved Goose (blue frenchie) just a few months ago, Leo came bouncing across our path!  His “destiny” is somewhat surreal, but that’s another story, take my word for it… THIS was a match made in heaven!  A week ago the stars began to align and this morning was a celestial dream come true!  Here is our Leo, call sign Rooster.   (Warning: many Pupdates to come for decades plus).”

🐾💕We are all wishing Leo Rooster, his mom, dad, two & four legged siblings, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕 

Special “Thanks to foster mom, Jackie Sickels & family for taking such extraordinary care of Leo to get him where he needed to be. Lynn Mcgrew for recommending this amazing family and bringing Leo to his new loving forever home. Animal Clinic At Wellington Reserve Linda Abbott DVM and Joanne Jaimedes for transporting Leo and keeping him during the hurricane. 
“It truly takes a Village.”🐾💕

Happy Birthday Mack

HAPPY 10th BIRTHDAY MR. MACK🎈🎂🥳From Mack’s Mom, Linda Sievers: 

“💙 He is a happy boy 🎂 loved his cake and new Teddy 💙”
Mack has come a long since rescued over 9 years ago. He was tied to a fire hydrant in Florida City. Special “Thank You” to Dianne Alexander for bringing Mack to Destiny for Dogs. 

🐾💙Enjoy your ”Special Day, Mr. Mack as you are so loved by your mom and everyone you have touched. We all wish you and your mom continued, “Happy Days Ahead!”💙🐾


“Hi JoAnn…Today I was laying down for a well deserved nap and listening to a Calm story on penguins and it asked just as I was dozing off, what are you grateful for?  Almost asleep, I immediately thought I am grateful for Finny.  That response came right out of my uncensored unthinking almost asleep mind.  “Finny”. “I am grateful for Finny.”  He and I definitely have a bond and it’s all because of you.  Finny takes up half the king size bed.  He is so wonderful, I was blessed getting him.  He brightens every day.
Keep up your good work and Merry Christmas.”

Finny is one of a kind and so is his extraordinary mom. See what love and patience can do💙

Bohdi Adopted!

Bohdi is now in his new loving forever home.

Charlie Pupdate

“Charlie is a great pet and family member, we love him.”
🐾💕Wishing Charlie, his mom and dad, continued “Happy Days Ahead!🐾💕

Finny’s Update

🐾💕Sweet Pupdate from Finny’s Mom🐾💕

“Story for the day…I will have had Finny Monroe for 3 months October 15.   Yesterday at groomers when I tried to leave Finny he literally and repeatedly cried and cried loudly and kept trying to jump into my arms.  I’ve never seen this from any dog ever.  It was like he was begging me to take him and not leave him. It was the very sweetest thing I’ve seen in a long time.  I think Finny thought I was leaving forever.  When I came back he was so happy and went charging out door and started looking for our car.  He just wanted in our car knowing he was going back home.   So sweet. He loves his mama.  He is a one person dog.  It isn’t a male as you thought. He just bonds with his human and that’s definitely me.

Thank you Jamie Corbin. This is truly a heartwarming story💙Just love Finny’s hairdo. Such a very deserving and special gentleman. Thank you for loving Finny unconditionally🐾💕

Special “Thanks” again to Finny’s Foster Family Gregory, Mark & Susan Brokaw-Garfinkel for going that ”extra mile” for Finny🌹

Maggie Mae Update

🐾💕Good News Pupdate, Maggie Mae has been adopted and in her new loving forever home🐾💕

From Maggie Mae’s new Mom:
“I would like to thank Destiny for Dogs for all of their amazing work, helping and providing support for these amazing animals. 
The adoption process for Maggie Mae was thorough and detailed which made me feel confident, that they care about the animals and commitment to providing wonderful furever homes.  I love Maggie Mae and couldn’t be happier to welcome this new family member. I should also say that the foster home and mom took amazing care of Maggie and provided a wonderful place for her to reset.  I would recommend adopting from and supporting Destiny for Dogs as JoAnn is an amazing conduit between you and your furever family member.” 

Special “Thank You” to Maggie Mae’s extraordinary, loving and nurturing foster mom, Ann. Just no words to express our appreciation for all that she did to prepare Maggie for her new forever home🌹

Destiny for Dogs volunteers are all wishing Maggie Mae, mom, fur sister Lily Belle, and her new family, “Happy Days Ahead!🐾💕

A Happy “Lady”!

“Me and Lady. She is sooooohappy with my sister and hubby.🐾💕”
That tail never stops waggin!

All of us at Destiny for Dogs are all wishing Lady, her mom & dad continued “Happy Days Ahead!🐾💕

Charlie…Never Give up on Love

Charlie was moved from place to place. People only saw his outside which was gorgeous. They didn’t realize what was going on inside Charlie’s head. His way to control fear was to bark, growl, bite to protect himself from being hurt again. 

Charlie’s owner had him for 6 years. Then they decided to move into a condo where dogs were not allowed.  To make a very long and sad story, short and sweet. One day Charlie’s luck changed.  He met his forever mom, for real and forever. Unconditional Love 💗 

Please read the comments below from Charlie’s mom. 
“So my Charlie man only wants to sit on my lap or next to me while I sleep. He has come a long way.  He shakes paws. And gives so many kisses. I have said  many times don’t give up on them.   Charlie makes me laugh every day.” A picture is worth a thousand words. See what love can do🐾💕

Luna Ru and Rocco

“Hi! Great day! It’s Rocco’s birthday today so we went for a walk and stroll on the boardwalk and then to the doggie store for treats and toys and then Starbucks for puppachinos! :)”

Photos to place a smile on your face. Luna Ru went from a horrible breeding situation to living the extraordinary life she so deserved. No words to express our appreciation to Luna’s amazing mom, dad & Rocco (the best fur brother)

Rose is now “Felony”


From Rose now Felony’s new mom: My husband is so happy. Rose is his dream dog.  I cannot thank you enough. She is going to have a wonderful life, is already so loved and is doing very well.  My husband named her Felony LOL because of his job. Felony is on him like a magnet and follows him everywhere including the bathroom LOL.”

Special “Thank You” to Susan Speno Fracasso for saving Rose and transporting her to Destiny. Thank you to Lynn Mcgrew for transporting Rose to Jackie Sickels who fostered Rose until permanent foster mom, Julie Fox returned from her “Birthday” Weekend🎉  Thank you Julie and family for taking such extraordinary care of Rose and getting her where she needed to be at Trudy Downes. Thank you for Rose’s Blessing Blanket Made with Love. It was a huge comfort to her💗

Many thanks to all of the angels who “touched” Rose for your part in this perfect adoption and Rose now Felony’s “dream come true life.”🐾💕 “It takes a village” and you are all the most amazing villagers🌹

RIP Sweet Cali

🐾💔🌈In Loving Memory of Cali. A beautiful & touching message from her mommy & daddy🌈💔🐾

ONE LAST KISS TO KEEP FOREVER. Today we sent our perfect, precious Calli to heaven to be with her beloved sister Lily.  We tried every means possible before releasing this gorgeous being from her pain. If I had had a daughter I would wish her to be just as lovely. She adored both of us, never complained & lived to bring us joy, laughter and affection. My baby was just extraordinary–incredibly beautiful inside and out.  She was calm, giving, kind gentle & friendly. We loved to dress her in her Destiny for Dogs t-shirt to promote rescue.  She always drew a crowd and I would proudly explain no she’s  not a show pup, but the face of rescue. Selfishly, my most favorite memory will always be her endless, sweet kisses which made her fabbie dad a wee bit jealous.  When times were RUFF  she would always  bring me calm and happiness. I so often joked to my peeps that she was my Valium  Zanax & Wine all wrapped in an exquisite bundle of fur. Goodbye my sweet girl– til we meet again.


“Minnie is still doing great and everyone loves her in my condo association. I would not know what to do without her, we all call her “Miss Minnie Mouse!” She is so precious! Just does not like to ride in her car seat, wants to sit between the door and me … I guess her other mother allowed that. Minnie shakes so badly, I’ve tried to medicate her to go out in the car but it didn’t work . So I changed her veterinarian to Shores Animal Hospital because they’re only a few miles from where I live. When they were trying to get urine from Minnie they had the ultrasound on her and saw that she had gallbladder problems.  So it was good that I had switched veterinarians. Minnie’s gallbladder is being kept under control with medication. It’s not really a problem however it would’ve been if we hadn’t found it when we did. So everything is good and I can’t thank you all enough for what you do. Hugs, Pat & Miss Minnie 💕Of course!”

Luna Ru

From Luna Ru’s amazing, beautiful and loving new mom:
“Our family is so thankful Luna Ru has come into our lives! We were all completely devastated when our precious Roxy passed away after over 16 incredible years. Luna is exactly what we needed. She is a sweet, loving, happy, cuddly girl! We love her so much and we are so happy to give her the best life possible. Welcome home Luna Ru💗”

🐾💕We are wishing Luna Ru, her mom, dad, fur brother, Rocco and human siblings, “Happy Days Ahead!🐾💕


From Rescuers’ Wendy Glick  & Joseph H Orth: “My happiest adopter ever!” 🌹Special “Thank You to Wendy & Joe for all that they did to make this wonderful dream come true for Anna and her mom. You are both truly “Rescue Angels.”🌹

Thank you Trudy Downes &  Blessing Blankets Made with Love, Inc. for Anna’s special blanket🌹
🐾💕We are wishing Anna and her mom, continued, “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Carly update

“I’ve been wanting to send you pictures of our two rescues we got from you. We love them both so much. And I know they both love their life here. Thanks so much for rescuing them. We can’t imagine life without them.
Rufus – we have had him 6 years now.Daisy has been with us a year and a half . They both just love Dog Days at Mounts Botanical Gardens. We always bring their strollers in case they get tired and need a ride. 
I just can’t even express how much they both are loved.  We can’t imagine life without them!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️thanks so much”

🐾💕We wish Rufus, Daisy, Mom & Dad, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Rufus and Daisy

“I’ve been wanting to send you pictures of our two rescues we got from you. We love them both so much. And I know they both love their life here. Thanks so much for rescuing them. We can’t imagine life without them.
Rufus – we have had him 6 years now.Daisy has been with us a year and a half . They both just love Dog Days at Mounts Botanical Gardens. We always bring their strollers in case they get tired and need a ride.  I just can’t even express how much they both are loved.  We can’t imagine life without them!❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️thanks so much”

🐾💕We wish Rufus, Daisy, Mom & Dad, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Emmy Update

“Love this sweet old girl….thank you for saving her ❤️🐶”
🐾💕Wishing Emmy, her mom and fur siblings, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Hunter Update

“8 years and no less spoiled.” Can you say, “GORGEOUS?” Hunter was found as a puppy underneath a parked car. Special “Thank You” to Tami Wilson for rescuing and Vickie Virzi for fostering Hunter🌹 “It does take a Village!”

Wishing Hunter, his mom & dad continued “Happy Days Ahead!”

Sweet Pea Update

“Sweet Pea as a Calendar girl.❤️❤️❤️Just loving her. ❤️❤️❤️”
🐾💕We are wishing Sweet Pea, her mom and fur sibling, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”🐾💕

Finny on His Way to “Happily Ever After”

Finny’s owner had to leave the country and was heartbroken that he was not able to take his beloved 11 year old Pomeranian with him. He tried to find a new home for Finny on his own to no avail due to behavioral issues💔
Thank you to Sharon Harper and Suely Aurebach for contacting Destiny about Finny🌹

Special “Thank You” to foster parents Mark, Susan Brokaw-Garfinkel & son, Gregory for taking such extraordinary care and going that extra mile to get Finny to his new loving forever home. No words to express Destiny’s appreciation. 

From Finny’s new mom: “Finny is a beautiful boy and I’m very glad his prior “sleepover” was not a perfect match.  He needed time and understanding as he was bewildered and frightened himself. Finny is still getting used to everything but has come a long way.  A good example, he is now sleeping on my bed.  He also knows putting his leash on means going outside and he goes straight to door.  Finny walks 3 miles daily without fail, eats his dog food & treats, and sits on couch with both of us.  He is a lovely dog perfect for our family.

We are happy he is in our care because he needs a lot of nurturing.  I think Finny may have been passed around more than one time.  He has a personality that can be misunderstood as aggressive. But I see as quickly excitable, he will calm down very quickly with simple, firm voice commands and gently touching him physically.  Then it’s over, he is such a good boy. 

Finny jumped in my lap for the first time because of thunder. Since that night he’s been jumping up on me when I sit down in a big enough seat for two.  He’s turning into a lap dog who loves being petted and massaged.  I was fascinated by his evolving personality in just 7 days.  He had it all in him but he was frightened by all the chaos. Oh yes, he’s surprisingly turning into a love bug. Perfect chance to brag about my little boy, Finny. He is such a good baby and I feel so lucky to have gotten him.

Please tell new owners of rescues to give these dogs a chance to warm up and feel safe again. Maybe I’m preaching to the choir but Finny is a perfect example of a dog who just needed, space, time, patience and love to adjust. I’m sure Finny still loves his owner. But I’m also sure Finny is happy and settling in with two retirees who give him around the clock attention as their “only child”
I see now that you really have a tough job placing dogs in appropriate homes!  Adult dogs are a whole different story than puppies.  God bless you! Finny’s home for good.  He’s not coming back.”
♥️We are all so grateful for the commitment, dedication, determination, patience, understanding and unconditional love that this terrific couple has provided Finny. They changed his life by taking a chance. This is what love can do♥️
🐾💕We are wishing Finny, his mom, dad, lots of love, the best of everything and only “Happy Days Ahead .”🐾💕