Save the Date

🎈Please “Save the Date” to join us for an awesome evening. Lots of fun, terrific auction items. Plus, yummy food. Thank you Karen Lane for arranging this Fundraiser for Luv a Pet Rescue & Destiny for Dogs🎈

🐾We look forward to seeing you🐾

Dalton – Update


From Dalton’s mom, just wanted to say thank you for rescuing Dalton. A couple times a week my Dad and I always say “who would ever return this dog?”.

I adore him so much, and he has changed the quality of life for my other rescue Dottie with her severe anxiety. They recently became buddies and play all the time.

We love him so much, thank you again!
And he doesn’t bark when I leave anymore also, I think he just needed time to know someone is gonna come home.”

We all love “Good News Updates.”
Wishing Dalton and his family, “Happily Days Ahead!”

Amputation Recovery Family Wanted

This little black kitten was dumped at the age of 2 months with a bad foot.  It has been determined that her left leg will need to be amputated due to permanent nerve damage and the loss of use of her foot.  She was either born this way or had some bad accident.  Since she was wandering outside dragging her leg she had raw skin abrasions.  She has been in foster care and has healed nicely.  She is now about 3 months old, healthy and very active.  She runs, jumps on counters, jumps up on your bed, in your lap and does not know she is handicapped.  She is with two large dogs and chases another 1 year old male cat all over the house.  She is very happy and is in need of a foster that can care for her during her recovery and then she will need a furever home.

If you can foster or adopt her so she can have her surgery she would be most grateful. Please email or call JoAnn at 561-313-2005.

Toto now Chessy

Toto now Chessy has been adopted and now in his loving forever home.




Snookie is a 3 year old, 60 lbs purebred English Bulldog. She is fully vetted, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, parasite free and has had a dental. Snookie is crate trained, in fact she LOVES her crate! She stays in her crate, never barks, cries and has never gone potty inside. Snookie is not good on leash as she pulls, however cannot go far as she just lays down and will not move. She does however love to run in the grass and play. However, when calling her to you she takes a flying leap, jumping at as she gets so excited. Snookie is very strong and can knock someone over. She also likes to grab your feet and not let you move.
Snookie does like her head and belly rubbed but hates when her foster mom uses baby wipes to clean her hinny.

NOTE!!!! Snookie can only be adopted by an experienced, seasoned bully owner who is patient, loving, alpha, very strong physically and mentally. Snookie CAN NOT be adopted to a family with children, small, or alpha dogs and definitely no cats!!!! She is food aggressive with other dogs so must be fed separately! Snookie is also food aggressive with people. When feeding, her owner needs to be very cautious when putting food down and picking up the empty bowl. The trainer suggests placing food down in a room then letting Snookie in the room to eat. Once she has eaten, she should be called out of the room to go outside. Due to her food aggression, it would be dangerous for her to be around children and other dogs. Snookie would do best as the only pet. Snookie’s foster mom said she loves to play rough with her other English Bulldogs and will body slam them. Snookie needs a very active loving owner/family with the bully knowledge and patience of a saint.

Sadly, Snookie’s two previous owners never took the time to train or teach her manners. She was kept outside because they didn’t have the time or skills to deal with her being so pushy. With a very special person who can commit to work with Snookie, providing unconditional love, nurturing, guidance, training to teach her how to behave, she can become an amazing part of the “perfect” owner/family.

Please open your heart and home to this beautiful and loving girl who so deserves a family that she can be part and not locked in a crate or left outside.

For additional information, please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or

Liberty Belle

Hannah Banana was on the streets for at least a month prior to her rescue. She had been dumped after giving birth, was severely emaciated, and required surgery when our partners Destiny for Dogs took her into their care.

Liberty Belle with dad Tavis

A year ago she met Tavis, Army veteran. Hannah Banana was instantly given a new name – Liberty Belle – and is thriving. And for his part Tavis is thrilled that this dog who was thrown out like yesterday’s trash is now a cherished part of his family.

Pictures like this one remind us that our mission is working little miracles every day. Please give $5 or more to help us make more miracles possible!


Bitter sweet story which is important to share on Destiny. Reflects the love and committed of a family caring for an aging parent’s beloved pet. Both Alexis and Paxton were adopted from Destiny. Alexis by Jennifer Evans and Paxton by Jen’s husbands mom.

“Hi JoAnn! I just wanted to give you an update. My mother-in-law, Dottie, is no longer able to take care of Paxton. She has had a setback and is having a very hard time walking. Unfortunately, we’re going to need to move her to assisted living.
I picked up Paxton on Friday, and he is truly in his furever home now. We always knew that eventually he would be ours, I just thought it would be a little bit longer.
He seems to have adjusted very well over the past couple of days. He is such a great dog! I really think it’s better for him to be with other dogs anyway. We now have a “pack” of three, and they all get along very well.
Just wanted to let you know that he is now under our full care, and we will make sure that he never has to move to another home – he is stuck with us! 🐶❤🐾 The pack! ❤🐾🐶”

This is what
commitment and love is all about🐾💕



RIP Sweet Simon

Simon was adopted to the most amazing mom and daughter. It was love at first sight for all. Simon had a few happy, loving and wonderful days with is new family. Simon was limping and crying in pain. He was taken to an emergency vet.  Blood work and X-Rays were performed. Injections of pain meds given. Simon went to the vet shortly after being adopted for a follow up. Additional X-Rays and pain meds provided. Poor Simon was in a lot of pain and even became sick.  He went home with his mom and was provided TLC.

Two days later the reports from two radiologists were provided.  It was what everyone dreads to hear.  Simon had bone cancer. Nothing could be done. The decision was made to let Simon go peacefully to Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in Peace, Dear Simon. You were so loved by your foster mom’s Sam and Sue and your two mom’s, Kimi and Josephine. You were gone to soon.  You will never to be forgotten and always in our loving thoughts, prayers and hearts. Until we meet again…


Oreo is a stunning and sweet lab terrier mix.  She is 2-3 years old, weighs 30 pounds, up to date on shots, spayed, micro-chipped, crate trained and good with other dogs. Oreo was a wonderful mom to her four puppies even through hard times. All puppies have been adopted so this great mom would love to have a home of her own.  Oreo and her babies were rescued from a high kill shelter.

Please open your heart and home to this beautiful girl.  For additional information or to meet Oreo contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or

Adopted – Murphy hit the Jack Pot

From being tied up in a trailer park, covered in oil, to a loving home with a mom, dad and two fur-siblings. Murphy is one happy little guy.  It was love at first sight for this sweet angel.

Brownie needs a loving home

Brownie is a 12 year old, 10 pound Min Pin/ Daschund mix. He is up to date on shots, spayed, micro-chipped, parasite free, calm, good with dogs and cats. Brownie needs to be with other animals that are independent plus a home where the owner is home most of time as she has separation anxiety.

Brownie is good on a leash but will bark/try to bite if not watched or walked properly. He is housebroken however if left inside too long may have an accident. Brownie doesn’t like thunder/loud noises.  If the door is left open, she will run out of the house.

Foster Mom says, “Brownie has been good with my kids and other kids that have come over but does not like to be picked up or squeezed and will nip if he feels uncomfortable.”

Brownie needs an experienced, patient and caring dog owner. Please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or You will be provided foster mom’s contact information to obtain additional information or to meet Brownie and fall in love.

Bully – Adopted







Mimi two year old, 50 lbs Dutch shepherd mix. She is fully vetted, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, parasite free, on monthly heartworm and flea prevention. Mimi is housebroken, good in car and on leash.

Mimi is dog aggressive so she needs to be the only dog in a household but super loving with human beings and a really sweet dog. She was save at the last minute from the shelter. They were going to kill her because she was dog aggressive. However not any kind of a problem with humans.

Mimi actually looks like a Dutch Shepherd Bull Terrier mix. Not a spot of white on her and if she were part pitbull she would have a white spot on her chest.
She’s been in boarding at facility in Davie.

For additional information or to meet and fall in love with Mimi, please contact Sarah 305-450-2033,
Thank You.

Nala & Cookie




Gizmo -Update





LUNA is has been ADOPTED.

Nandi Rose – Update


Hi auntie Jo,
I hope that this note finds you well and in good spirits.
Happy Mother’s Day!!
You’re the the bestest ever!!

I’m sooo excited! Mom and dad are going to NYC for a few days and I get to stay with some new friends. They’re really cool. They keep doggies in there home while parents are away.
They have two doggies and we had lots of fun when I went to meet them recently. I’m trying not to act too excited though cause I know that mom is going to be sad to leave me; so I’m giving her lots of kisses and not complaining when she brushes my teeth.

Oh Oh!! I forgot to tell you about my new bff Lola. She lives next door and she comes over often to run in our ginormas back yard. We have sooo much fun. I’ll send you a pic of us soon.

Well auntie Jo, I think that’s it for now. I hope you have a wonderful day and thank you for finding my mom. Happy Mother’s Day to you both.

Luv you much,

Nandi Rose

P. S. This is my headshot photo. I’m considering an acting career


Very Ill no longer available for adoption




🐾💕HOLLYWOOD, FL: Jasmine, Lab Terrier mix girl, 8 months, 40 lbs is looking for her special someone🐾💕

Who wants to add a little sweetness to their life?! Sweet Jasmine is ready and waiting for you!! She is an 8 month old lab/terrier mix weighing approximately 40 lbs. She’s extremely affectionate and LOVES being cuddled and sleeping in her foster parents’ bed! She’s great with all dogs, both large and small, and she is wonderful and gentle with children. Jasmine is good in the car, on leash, housebroken, crate trained, We are not sure how she is with cats, but if properly introduced, we think she would be fine with them.
Jasmine is looking for a caring and compassionate home that will help build her confidence and understand that she is a bit shy when meeting new people, but once she is comfortable, she has endless amounts of love to give!
Jasmine would do best in a home with at least one other dog and/or young children that will play with her. She loves being in her crate, playing with the hose and her chew toys! She knows basic commands, sit, stay, come. She is also fully vetted, spayed and up to date shots, microchipped, parasite free and on monthly heartworm/flea preventatives.

Please contact Jenna at 610-349-7174 if you would like additional information or to meet Jasmine and fall in love.

Hurricane – Update


♥️“My two Princesses.”♥️