IMG_0631Meet Lily.  Lily was found wondering the streets in Hialeah.  Someone found her and kept her for six days and removed hundreds of ticks from this sweet angel.  She is now squeaky clean!!  She has been to the vet and received her vaccinations and is heartworm negative.  We will have her spayed prior to adoption.  Lily weighs 8 pounds and is only about 1 year old.  She does not bark and is not afraid of anything.  She absolutely loves to be held and be close to you at all times.  She will make a great companion, wants to cuddle and will be your best friend.  She warms up to her caretakers immediately.  If you would like to meet Lily please contact or call 561-313-2005.


20140204_225130Meet Roxy.  She is a one year old black and white lab mix and weighs 40 pounds.  She is up to date on her shots, spayed and is on heartworm preventative.  Her owners work 80 hours per week and just have not had much time for her.  She is still a puppy and needs someone to work with her on training.  She is very friendly and gets along with cats, dogs, kids and all people.  She just likes to cuddle and play all the time.  As you can see she is a very relaxed dog in the house and has been raised with two cats.  If you would like to meet Roxy please contact or call her at 561-313-2005


Bennie 01Bennie is a Cockapoo male, 3-5 years old, 8 pounds, fully vetted and micro-chipped.  If you can provide a home please contact or call 561-313-2005.


Tara 01Tara is a lab hound mix.  She is 1 year old, 50 pounds, fully vetted, gets along great with other dogs and children.  She is housebroken and very sweet.  Tara was brought to a campground in North Florida and left.  All Tara wants is to be your companion and receive belly rubs and lay at your feet.  If you would like to have a wonderful companion please contact or call 561-313-2005.


Bruno 02Bruno is a St. Bernard mix, male, 6-8 years young, 95 pounds, housebroken, fully vetted, good with other dogs as long as they are not aggressive.  Bruno loves everyone including kitties and kids.  Bruno would make an awesome family member.  If you would like to meet Bruno please contact or call her at 561-313-2005


Button 02Riley is a Wheaton Terrier mix male, 1-1/2 to 2 years old, 35 pounds, fully vetted, housebroken and good with other dogs as long as they are not aggressive.  Riley is OK with kitties.  Needs a seasoned dog owner as he has guarding issues which require immediate correction.  Once corrected he stops and becomes an angel.  If you would like to provide a forever home for Riley please contact or call her at 561-313-2005

Mi Ling on forever vacation!

Happily Ever After 03Mi Ling was adopted and here is a message from her new family:

“Our Mi Ling has become a wonderful “Salty Dog” enjoying both sea shore and lake boating.  We changed her former name– Missy.  In addition to riding in the boat, she loves riding in the car and is disappointed if she cannot go with us everywhere.  We are currently in Oklahoma at our lake home there for the summer.  She is a true joy to Mary Frances and me. Thank you!”

Copper Found True Love

Happily Ever AfterLook at me with my new mom.  We are in love and I am almost a perfect angel but I like to eat house plants.  Can you believe that I was a feral kitten raised outside and lived under a bush in the dirt until Destiny for Dogs took me and my surviving sister and allowed us to live in their office until we were healthy and happy.  I am glad I found my new home and wish Destiny for Dogs good luck as my feral mommy had another litter (her 5th) and Destiny for Dogs has taken all my brothers and sisters from all the litters and have found homes.  They just found 5 more kittens (8-1-14) to nurse back to health and then find homes.  If you think I am cute you will love my brothers and sisters as we all look alike…Handsome!!

Rosebud is just a baby!!

Rosebud 01Meet “Rosebud” the Australian Cattle Dog Mix.  Rosebud is 10 months old and weighs 27 pounds.  Rosebud gets along great with other dogs and would do best in a family with other dogs.  She takes a while to warm up to people as she is very timid but also very sweet.  When she is afraid of people she will not bite she just tries to get away.  Once she trusts you she won’t leave you alone.  Won’t you be the person she trusts and allow her to love you unconditionally?  Please contact Rosebud’s foster mom, Vicki Virzi at 561-306-9363 or email

Kat’s Rescue JackPack

JackPack from KatI think those are smiles on those dogs!!  Being rescued is one of the greatest joys a dog and their new families will experience.  I hope everyone can join the rescue family.

Jackie Kennedy

Happily Ever AfterJackie Kennedy has found her wonderful forever family.



WSLL-VET Consulting & Training

We are a disabled and woman owned organization. The team at WSLL-VET has a vast range of knowledge of U.S. Government contracting. We have senior level experts in U.S. Government contracting, procurement, federal contracts, acquisition policies, protests, procedures and regulations. We have taught U.S. Government contracting throughout the world to companies, government military and civilian employees.

In this site you will learn something about us, our background and the services we provide. We aim to satisfy each client by providing the most up to date, professional teaching and consulting services.

If you want a further description of our service or want to discuss possible retention of our services, please contact us at either one of our e-mail addresses or numbers.


Happily Ever AfterPercy fits right in with his new family.

Candy…1 year later

Candy 04Candy 02

Paws and Cherish

Individual Pet Cremation in Southeast Florida

Pets touch our lives deeply. Unconditionally loyal; they bring us happiness, companionship, love, friendship, and joy. It is only appropriate to say farewell to the one that has meant so much to you in your family and life.  The most painful time a pet owner ever has to face is the loss of their dearly loved friend. Your loss creates understandable grief for everyone. Your pet is a member of the family. Don’t leave them behind.

Compassionate Prestige Transportation after Your Pet Loss

We offer a 24 hour service. We know that loss can happen at the most inconvenient times so with our service you can call us at anytime and we will be there to help you out.  Whether it is early morning, in the middle of the night, or on the weekend; Paws and Cherish will have someone at the phones on 954-971-9966 ready to answer your call.  We operate just like a funeral home in the sense that we will drive directly to the home, pick up your pet, and take it directly to our facility and await further directions from you as to the final arrangements that need to be made.

Call 954-971-9966 or e-mail



Happy 4th of July 2014

4th of July Kat's Dogs


Happily Ever AfterWishing Dougie and his new family, “Happy Days Ahead!” 

Frankie Needs Someone to Cuddle With

IMG_2920 (2)Frankie 01

Frankie has been adopted and living a nice relaxing life.


Hope 02Hope 03Hope has hope that she will find her very own forever family.  Hope is truly a miracle dog.  This little girl has been through so much, she truly deserves a life full of love (probably for the first time in her life).  Hope was pulled from Animal Control as she was sedated and in the process of being put to sleep.  We just couldn’t let that happen to this lovely little girl!  Hope is sweet and loving and will get in your lap every chance she gets!  She likes to cuddle, but will also play with you or go for a long walk if that is what you are in the mood for.  She just wants to please you.  Hope is very mild mannered and well-behaved and would make a great and loyal companion.  She loves kids who are willing to give her the attention she is craving.  With the proper introduction, Hope would get along fine with other animals.   Hope is approximately 4 years old and up to date on vaccinations.  Hope is potty trained and crate trained. We believe she is a Pit/Boxer mix.  If you are interested in Hope please contact or call her at 561-313-2005.

In Loving Memory of Dave Rintz a Friend and Rescue Angel


I Have Done Something

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society.

I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. And I was angry.

“God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t you do something?”

God was silent for a moment, and then He spoke softly, “I have done something,” he replied. “I created you.”

David Rintz, 67, died peacefully in his sleep at home on Sunday, March 30, 2014. He was born December 16, 1946 in Lancaster, PA where he lived until he entered the United States Navy in November of 1964 serving his country proudly in the Vietnam conflict aboard various vessels including the USS Arlington until December 1970. After his discharge from military service he returned to Lancaster where he honed his skills in the carpentry trade. Dave moved to Fort Lauderdale in the 1980′s where he worked for local building contractors until he started his own carpentry business which later grew into a successful custom cabinet shop. Dave was passionate about riding motorcycles and rescuing abandoned animals. He is survived by a brother and sister, nieces and nephews in Lancaster and many friends in Fort Lauderdale as well as his special canine family, Cookie and Emma.

I Have Done Something

I looked at all the caged animals in the shelter…the cast-offs of human society.

I saw in their eyes love and hope, fear and dread, sadness, and betrayal. And I was angry.

“God,” I said, “this is terrible! Why don’t you do something?”

God was silent for a moment, and then He spoke softly, “I have done something,” he replied. “I created you.”

– Author Unknown


Happily Ever AfterHappily Ever After 01

Hunter went to his loving forever home and hit the jackpot!!  Destiny for Dogs wishes Hunter and his new parents, Carol and Neal, a wonderful new life together.


Gracie 03Gracie is a senior lab mix girl rescued from Animal Control. Very sweet and loving. Treated for heartworms and now ready for her Loving Forever home. Gracie is 7 – 9 years young, is good with other dogs (no kitties), spayed, microchipped, up to date on shots. Please allow her to live out the rest of her life with love and happiness. If you can open your heart and home to this angel please contact or call 561-313-2005. Your life will be greatly enriched by adding Gracie to your family.


Beau 01 Beau 02 Beau 03Just think, this sweet boy was tossed out of a car like trash when he was rescued by a passerby in September 2013.  Look at him now with his mommy.  He is absolutely beautiful and loving and it is unimaginable that someone did not want him.  We are so grateful that he was rescued and adopted because he is now loved so much and gives it right back.


After 2 mile walkMeet Frankie.  Frankie is a very energetic little guy but after a 2-mile walk he is “Dog Tired”.  He looks comfortable at his new foster home.  If you would be interested in giving Frankie a forever home please contact or call her at 561-313-2005.


IMG-20140601-WA0017Andy and his new family.  This is true love!

Rocky the Rottie

ROCKY & KEVIN 3Rocky and Kevin have found each other and are now living happily ever after.

Cody is part of the gang

Happily Ever AfterCody is front and center along with his new canine siblings.  Stacey and Charles adopted Cody and also adopted Lola and Meena also in this picture.  Stacey and Charles are such wonderful parents and know their lives are full of love.

Jake, it was love at first sight

IMG_2360When Sara met Jake it was love at first sight.  Now Jake is living “Happily Ever After”.

Einstein Getting Better Every Day

Einstein Starving 05EINSTEIN 1Einstein was found starving and so skinny that his bones were coming through his skin.  After a lot of tender loving care Einstein is on the road to recovery and has been adopted.  We are so happy for this most deserving sweet angel.  These before and after photos show you the love that Einstein received from his foster family during his recovery.


Cody 01Cody is a 1-2 year old male Shih Tzu/Lhasa Apso Mix and weighs about 14 pounds.  Cody was adopted by his Foster Parents who now are officially a happy member of the “Foster Failure” club.

Zorro Happy and Playful

Zorro 02 Zorro 03Zorro was so wonderful that his foster mom could not let him go.  She has now been officially accepted into the “Foster Failure” club!!

Sox Adopted

Happily Ever AfterMe and my new mommy!

Fendi now Pennie

Look at me with my new siblings.  I am on the left and I am so cute!  My new family has taken me in to be a part of their forever family.   Thank you Destiny for Dogs for rescuing me. 

Hapily Ever After 04


Belle 03Belle 04After being dumped at the Everglades before my first birthday and then living in a wonderful foster home for a while I have finally found a mommy to love me.  She loves me very much and I think we are going to be best friends.  ♥

Dex Update!!

Happily Ever After with 2nd family 01Happily Ever After with 2nd family 02Happily Ever After with 2nd family 03

What a wonderful update on Dex since he has been adopted.  Here is a little note from his new family.



I have attached 3 photos as you can see Dexter is making himself apart of the family and pack. He points at ATV’s, golf carts and the tractor it is the funniest thing.   He now loves that tractor and in the photo it is raining and when it is running he wants to be right next to my husband…like our other mastiff, he had his concerns about the tractor lots of barking etc, but now loves it. 

He also loves the big dog with the tail that lives on the 20 acres next to us, he and this dog run back and forth wearing each other out…I smile as that is what our other mastiff did.  

You can see he sort of joined in on the squirrel hunt, not really knowing what the fuss was all about. But he liked all the barking!

In so many ways Dex lives in the spirit of our dearly departed Zulu. He has taken to Zulu’s spot in the living room when we watch television.  It was a big battle when he 1st arrived to keep him off the couch, as he must have been allowed to do this in his last life.  But, he gets all the rules here and really is a good dog.

We are happy he is a part of our pack.

Bella doing the Happy Rescue Dance

Happily Ever After 04Happily Ever After 03


Hello Ladies, I want to update you on our beautiful girl! She is very happy in her new home. She loves her puppy sisters and plays well with them and is great with humans also. She comes to work with me every day and she is loved by all! Overall a very well adjusted dog! She sends her love to you!

Is Clyde the Rescue or has Michael been Rescued?

Happily Ever AfterThis little guy has made it a long way from when you “Destiny for Dogs” saved him, which I am extremely grateful for and I really couldn’t thank you enough for it.  I just wanted to let you know that Clyde is doing great, gets along with other dogs and can even balance treats on his nose!  He is one of the most patient dogs I’ve ever seen.  When I feed him he watches me fill the bowl and waits for me to tell him okay, and when giving him a treat all you have to say is “gentle” and he takes it so sweetly with his teeth.  We have made him into the best dog we can, everyone is impressed how well he listens for not even being a year old, and he doesn’t bark at the neighbors dogs when they are barking through the fence at him, he just ignores them and lays down.  He is truly one of the greatest things that’s happened in my life in a long time.  For a while I was down, and now whenever I feel down I just look over at Clyde and I feel better knowing I saved him and that he loves being here. 

Thank you so much, you are a hero and I hope you keep changing lives!



Kat and Bill Happy EasterrKat and Bill and their wonderful rescue babies wish everyone a very Happy Easter!






Happily Ever AfterLook how happy Remi is with his new Mom, Dad and canine sibling.  Happy Endings.

Zulu and Gunnar

Mirage of PhotosGunnar web collage

Dear Destiny for Dogs,

Attached are photos of our Zulu crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge” on March 29, 2014 and Gunnar crossed over on March 31, 2014.  Zulu was 10-1/2 years old and Gunnar was 14-1/2 years old.

RIP SWEET ZULU and GUNNAR ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥


Roxy Living in Canada

IMG_1791Meet Roxy.  She was adopted and took a plane ride all the way to Canada to be with her new Dad.

Lacey still Loved!

04-03-14 Happily Ever AfterLacey was adopted in 2012 and look how happy this family is with their perfect rescue.  Here is an updated note from Lacey’s family:


Just sending hugs from Lacey. She’s the best and as my hubby says, “everyone just dreams of having a dog like Lacey.”

Everyone who meets her just falls in love with her!!!! She is so devoted to us and as you know, the kids, Tony and I are just crazy about her!!!!!

Hugs Daina


Roxy 01With a face like this it will always be Love at First Sight!

Lucky is truly Lucky!

Happily Ever After 01After Lucky’s owner had to move to an assisted living facility he was only able to take his guide dog.  Lucky had to be re-home and as you can see Lucky has found a new mom very quickly.  We are so happy for Lucky and his mom.

Riley doing the Happy Dance!


“Just wanted to let you know that I thought I had the best dog ever in my current dog, Roxie, but Riley is just as wonderful.  He is the sweetest, most loving, intelligent dog ever.  We are having so much fun together.  He never leaves my side; if I get up and move around, he gets up and comes with me!  The other night the Bee Gees “Stayin Alive” was playing on the radio and he put his paws up on my shoulders and we danced together all over the house.  He is such a fun, sweet dog!   I can’t thank you enough for saving him for me.”

Mack Needs You!!

IMG_6330Cute FaceMack has been adopted by his foster mom’s roommate.  They just couldn’t let him go.  They stated, “no one has ever loved me the way Mack does!”  We are wishing Mack and his new family a very loving future.  Mack is now at almost 100 pounds and is a very special boy.  Remember, when Mack was found he was only 56 pounds which is nothing for a Mastiff.  With the love and kindness of his foster family he is becoming a strong healthy dog.

Update from Kira’s New Family

Happily Ever After 04Happily Ever After 03Hi everyone! 

Kira has adjusted well to her new home. She is just wonderful; I love her so much! Here are some pictures of her at the dog park with one of her friends, and surrounded by her toys in the living room. She is eager to learn, has no bad habits, and only chews on her bones and toys. I feel so lucky to have her and cannot thank all of you enough for your efforts. 

Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!

Margaret and Kira

Mollie has truly been RESCUED!!

Happily Ever After NappingHappily Ever After St Patties Hair DoThis is Mollie.  She was rescued in 2013 and is still living her dream.  Here she is after a day at the salon getting ready for St. Patrick’s day and also a picture of her during her afternoon nap.  Good days ahead for our dear sweet Mollie.

Farewell Sweet Bob

20140207_121519Dear Destiny for Dogs,

I want to say I am so blessed to have friends and rescue partners like you. I am so grateful for your generosity in helping me bring Bob home. I can’t thank you both enough for your love and kindness.

You made a very sad day for me better by not having to worry about a financial burden. Thank you both for everything you do for me. I hope I can repay your kindness. XOXO

Bubba hit the Jackpot!

Happily Ever AfterHappily Ever After 01Bubba hit the doggie lotto.  His new owners, Chris and Mariana, are true dog (and cat) people and are thrilled with him.  Bubba has a beautiful female Weimaraner to play with and doesn’t mind the cats.  His home is a tropical paradise.  We are so happy for all involved.   Thank you Pembroke Police Department for finding Bubba and keeping him safe for several months, thank you to JoAnn of Destiny for Dogs for taking him in to their Rescue Destination and thank you Steffanie for fostering and finding his wonderful new home.

Spencer in Heaven!!

Kat's New Jack RussellSpencer and FamilySpencer was adopted and continues to live Happily Ever After!!!

Duke knows how to Love You

Duke 02 Duke 03Duke has found his forever home.


Missy 01Missy has been adopted and her new name is Ming Li.  Missy is a purebred Shih Tzu girl. She is around 6 years old and weighs 12-14 lbs.

Biscuit of course has been ADOPTED

Buiscut 04Biscuit is now living the dream.

Wolfie found True Love ♥

Wolfie 03It was love at first site for Wolfie’s foster family.  We are happy to say that Wolfie’s new mom and dad have just joined the honorary club of “Foster Failures”.  Wolfie is now living with his foster family…FOREVER!

Dooley – Burned by Humans…ugh

Photo 01Dooley was rescued from MDAS in January 2013 the victim of a severe burn caused by a human.  He has fully recovered and now living at his forever home ♥ ♥ ♥

Izzy has new siblings

IzzyMeet Izzy.  Izzy was not a rescue but her new siblings were rescues and she has had a continued supporting role in the rescue world by being a wonderful foster sibling.

Thank you Izzy for being a good and loving dog to all that share your bed!




Cute as a Button

Happily Ever After1Giselle 02

A message from new mom:

We have changed Giselle’s name to Zelli and she sure is settling in nicely.  Even the cat has begun to play with her!!  This makes Zelli very happy.  We love having her in the family and are so blessed to have found you ladies to help in our search for the perfect dog for our family.

Thank You



A Christmas Miracle for Kira

Happily Ever After 01After being caged 24/7, Kira is living the dream in Portland, OR.  Thank you to Jennifer, Cornelia, Helen, Margaret and Nancy for rescuing Kira, finding a home, adopting and transporting from Miami to Oregon.  Kira is a very special girl who will now live a very special life full of love.


Mollie with her new Family

This message is from Mollie’s new family:

I just wanted to thank you for finding “Mollie” for my wife. She was so heartbroken when our “Scruffy” passed, but Mollie has filled the void.  I haven’t seen her this excited and happy since he died.  My wife is from Ireland so she wanted to find an Irish name for her, so Mollie it is. She fits right in with her 2 brothers Odin and Kavic right off the bat too. Of course My wife and Mollie had to stop at Petsmart on the way home to get some goodies. I attached a couple of photos.

 Happily Ever After Mollie with Canine Family

Paws on the Avenue

Paws on the AveGet all your pet needs from our friends at Paws on the Avenue at:

525 Lake Ave

Lake Worth, FL 33460


Or follow them at

Cody 1-year Later

1 year after adoptionJust wanted to update you on the progress of Cody who is doing fabulous.  He has been with us now for one year and has been a joy. He is now a big boy at 65 lbs but thinks he is a lap dog. His favorite thing to do is long walks with Mom and his morning bike ride with Dad. He is still the sweet, friendly, lovable pup he was a year ago. Can’t imagine our life without him, and I don’t even miss the Lazyboy (chewing casualty) Lol.

Thanks again to everyone who helped in getting him to us.

A message from “Wazoo’s” Mommy

Happily Ever AfterThis little dog is quite the rare find. How someone could have given up hope on her is unbelievable. If not for the compassion and vision of Joann at Destiny for Dogs and Vicki the foster mom who took Wazoo in, (she was Snickers then), this little dog would have been put to sleep. I feel so blessed to be part of the loving circle of rescue, foster and adoption that brought this dog into my life.

Keep doing the good work and thank you for healing both Wazoo’s life and mine.


Peri Allen





Merry Christmas 2013

Merry Christmas 2013


Happily Ever After PartyMy name is Penelope and I am a purebred long haired Chihuahua. I am proud to introduce you to my new mother “Catherine”.  I think she loves me…alot!! 


Rex 01Rex has been adopted and will live the rest of his life with a family that loves him and kids that will provide him with all the attention and exercise he needs.


War Memorial Adoption EventLilly has been adopted and has already become the soul mate of her new owner.  Lilly is very special and it is easy to see why her new owner loves her so much.

Miss Bella even Happier!!

Happily Ever After 02 Happily Ever After 04Hi, Aunt JoAnn wanted a story about me and how I am doing at my forever home.  I asked my mommy to tell my story, she said I would have to tell it and she will type it.  That is only fair.  My name now is Bella, my mommy calls me Miss Bella, which means “Beautiful”.  I know my name and come running when I am called.  I am about 5 years old, and I was abandoned in the woods hungry cold and full of ticks and fleas.  I was found and brought to my Aunt JoAnn at Destiny for Dogs; I was in a foster home for a little while until my mommy’s pet sitter Jan sent my mommy my picture.  Mommy said she called about me right away and she came to meet me and we both bonded.  She said she wanted to take me home right then and there. The next day October 19th which is now my new birthday I came to live here with my new mommy and Daddy and sister and brother, I will let you know about my sister and brother later on in my story.

I was a little scared about being here, because I did not know where I was going next.  I felt I did not belong anywhere anymore.  I was very skittish, and afraid I went out to the backyard and did not see the pool and fell in twice so mom will not let me out there alone.  She is too over protective.  I remember and I won’t go over there anymore.  I am doing much better. I get a little nervous when I ride in the car, but we do fun things I found out and it’s not so scary anymore.  I used to be a bad girl and piddled in the house a lot, I told you I was scared.  Now I am fully housebroken, thanks to my mommy’s persistence.  I met my grandma a couple of weeks ago too, we went to visit her and I sat with her the whole time. She did not want me to go.  Grandma we will be back!  Here is a picture of my grandma holding me.

Happy Thanksgiving

Happy Thanksgiving 2013


Hurricane SleepingIMG_4842Hurricane aka Hurri is a Cairn Terrier Schnauzer mix girl, 9 years old and weighs 30 lbs. Hurri is spayed, up to date on shots, had dental work done and has pretty white teeth.  She is totally housebroken, great in the car, loves to go for rides, walks great on a leash, loves to cuddle on the couch or in bed and loves to be around children. She is healthy other than having diabetes which is under control.  Hurri receives an injection of 13 units of insulin twice a day which is very easy to administer. The cost for 100 units at Wal-Mart is only $24.88.  Hurri also receives eye drops after having cataract surgery (new lenses) which enabled Hurri to have her vision restored to see the world in all its glory.  Please open your heart and home to this sweet, loving girl that is always wagging her tail. If you can open our heart and your home to let me have the wonderful life I deserve please contact or call JoAnn at 561-313-2005

Happy Halloween (2013) from Chloe

Happy Halloween 2013 ChloeLook at my new life.  I am so happy to have found my family through “Destiny for Dogs”.  I have never been trick or treating before and I think I like it.  I am Chloe and I am the one guarding the goody bag!!

Happy 2013 Halloween

Happy Halloween from the Coleman Babies ! !

Marcia Coleman Hallloween Angels

Happy Halloween 2013

Happy Halloween 2013


Happily Ever AfterSnickers has found her new home and she has been given a new name of Wazoo!!  Her new owner was not looking for a small dog but took her home anyway and it was love after one day.  Wazoo wanted nothing to do with anyone the first night but after one short day she loves her family and is sleeping in the bed and uses the doggie door to go out.  Check out her happy photo on her way to the Pet Store…CUTE CUTE

Mollie on her first Flight!

Mollie & MackThis was truly a special adoption!!  Mollie was found in the everglades in bad shape.  She was rescued and taken to the vet and treated and given food!!  Destiny was contacted by the Rodan’s to adopt Mollie.  The Rodan’s live in Tallahassee and Mollie was in Palm Beach County.  A wonderful man named Jeff flew Mollie to meet her new family with no charge for his time and service.  What a wonderful rescue angel Jeff is.  Mollie arrived home and here is what her new family had to say, “OMG!  Mollie is absolutely perfect!  Rode home with no accidents.  When we got home our dog Mack ran outside and after a few seconds of sniffing hello they ran together and have been wrestling and playing ever since.”

We know Mollie will truly live “Happily Ever After” !! ♥ ♥ ♥


Happily Ever AfterGia has found her perfect family!

Bella Wanders No More!

IMG_8402GiGi now known as Bella is at her forever home with hew new mommy and daddy and canine siblings.  Bella was found wandering in the woods, matted, covered with fleas and ticks, scared and starving.  Her new parents will never let he go hungry again.  Bella is sitting on her mommy’s lap and looks like the rest of the gang.

Cooper found a home

Cooper 01Move over Cinderella…Cooper is now Living Happily Ever After!!

Amos and Andy

Amos and Andy 01Amos and Andy have been adopted together.  We are so grateful to our adopters who were willing to keep these bonded brothers together.


Why yes, that is a Bunny!

Alyce 02Destiny for Dogs has found a home for Alyce the bunny.  Don’t let our name “Destiny for DOGS” fool you.  We won’t let any animal be an orphan.

Dick and Ariel

Dick and Ariel Happily Ever AfterDick and Ariel living happily ever after in the country.

Lacey has so much LOVE

Who Rescued Who?

Lacey is still living “Happily Ever After”

Happily Ever After 07 Happily Ever After 06 Happily Ever After 05 Happily Ever After 04 Happily Ever After 03 Happily Ever After 02 Happily Ever After 01

Rest in Peace our little Cricket

Cricket came to us after living alone on the streets for several months and trying to survive.  Destiny for Dogs found Cricket a new mommy and daddy a while ago.  We are sorry to say that Cricket has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge to be with all our other sweet angels we have loved so much in the past.  Cathy and Tom have lost the love of their life and they will be forever changed knowing this sweet angel.


Lila has Changed

Meet our Lila.  Lila was found on a busy street after being released by a puppy mill.  She was matted, bleeding and pus in her ears, infested with ticks and fleas and so much more emotional abuse by living in a cage her whole life.  The day Destiny for Dogs picked her up we found her a wonderful mommy whom she has been with ever since and even went out of the country for several months.  She has come a long way and look at her change from the day she was found to today.

Ears before cleanedBeing GroomedHappily Ever After

Bandit Still Living Happily Ever After

Meet Bandit.  Bandit was adopted a few years ago and is still living

“Happily Ever After”

IMG_4724 IMG_4705 IMG_4689

Sapphire the Doxie Chick!

SAPPHIRE DOXIE GIRL 4 MO 002Sapphire has been adopted…Yay!!


Rocky 01Rocky has been adopted.  Another happy ending.Happily Ever After


Kalu 01Our very special Kalu has been adopted.  He is so special and will know what the good life is from this day forward.


Layla 01Layla has been adopted…YAY!!

Lana is Living the Dream

We wish all rescue dogs could live this dream. Lana was rescued from Miami Dade Animal Control only to be taken to a boarding facility which provides deplorable conditions. Destiny for Dogs immediately worked to get her out and into a loving home. Within days Lana has been living the dream. Thank you to her new family for giving her the happiness she deserves.

Lana 05 Lana 04 Lana 03 Lana 02 Lana 01


Chloe Fits Right In

Happily Ever AfterThis is Chloe with her new family (center dog).  Her new family sent us her update:

“Just wanted all of you to know that Chloe is doing fabulous!  She acts like she has always lived here.  Not one accident, follows the other two and just falls right in to the routine.  She has slept in our bed with the other two since she came here.  Thank goodness for a huge bed for five!!!  She has picked out her favorite chair to sleep in.  We left her out for about 45 minutes while we ran an errand so she hasn’t been crated yet because she is doing so well.”

Destiny for Dogs is so Happy for Chloe who has a family of her very own.

Princess living in NY

RIPPrincess came to Destiny for Dogs when her Daddy passed away.  Even though princess lost her Daddy, she had found a new family who loved her with all their heart.  We are sad to report that Princess has crossed over the “Rainbow Bridge” from liver failure.  We are so sad for Bill and Manning who adopted her and gave her such a wonderful life after her loss.  Princess is now with her Daddy again and we know they are happy once again.

Rest in Peace our sweet angel.

She was lost but has been found

Happily Ever AfterMeet “Gato”.  Gato was abandoned in Pompano at a Business Park.  For a few months the night guards would feed her and let her sleep in their car.  She was extremely friendly.  Flyers were posted and no one came for her.  Lucky for her she now has a new Daddy and is living the life of a princess.  Thank you James for giving this sweet angel a place to call her own.

Bella and her new Family

IMG_9602Congratulations Bella in finding your new loving family.  You are an awesome girl and deserve all the happiness life can offer.


Summer is home

imageCongratulations Summer, you have met your forever family and will be living happily ever after with Darlene and Fetty.  You will be loved and live the life of a princess.

Looking Good at 16!!

Peanut - Cheryl Dyck's dog at 16 years oldWho says you can’t look good at age 16!

Bagel now has Hope

Bagels StonesBAGEL HOPE ~ CLOSE UP WITH BALL WEBAfter Bagels successful bladder stone removal surgery, she has been adopted by her foster family because she is so wonderful and the perfect dog.  Good luck Bagel and many happy years with your new family.


Spike 01Congratulations to Spike for finding his forever home.

Donate today to bring sight back

Day Before Surgery 2UPDATE JULY 22, 2013:

Destiny for Dogs has raised enough money to give this little angel her site back.  Surgery is schedule today.  We will still need further donations to cover her after care.  We want to thank everyone who has donated to make this wonderful day possible.


To all,

Please help us help Hurricane to see again.  When I was fostering her for Destiny for Dogs she was the sweetest and most loving pet.  Her owner had just died and she was separated from her older pet buddy.  She was very depressed but she tried to make the best of the circumstances.  Even under severe distress this little dog is grateful for anything I’d do for her.  Hurricane has seen an eye specialist and can bring back her sight with cataract surgery.  This sweet angel deserves this chance at sight again.

Please remember that no donation is too small. There is great power in unity especially to help a needed 4 legged friend. In unity miracles happens.  Please click on the donation button and send any amount you can.

My love and gratefulness to all ♥ ♥ ♥

JoAnn Goodrich

President of Destiny for Dogs