after-surgery-with-new-familyGood news update on this sweet and loving girl.  Heidi had a large bladder stone which caused her to bleed so she had surgery to remove the stone.  She is feeling awesome and in her loving forever home.  Thanks to all who helped save this darling girl.

Chanel Update – December 2016

02Chanel is still living happily ever after and having a wonderful holiday.

RIP Barbara J. Petraitis 1946-2016

current-photoDestiny’s dear friend and Toby’s beloved mother, Barbara passed away sadly leaving her three dogs, Duke, Pupster and Toby plus her two cats, Minnett and Mui Mui.  Barbara was a great supporter of Destiny for Dogs.  We have taken her fur babies (Duke, Pupster and Toby) and will find loving homes for them.

Update:  Pupster and Duke are with their new loving forever homes.

During Barbara’s memorial service we met Lucy.  She asked about Barbara’s babies.  Afterwards Lucy went to Toby’s foster parents, Sue and Bill, to meet this special boy. It was love at first sight.  Below is a picture of Lucy and her son Luke. img_3694fullsizerender



RIP Darling Darla

darla-01Darla was a very special dog.  She loved to go for walks and chase her ball into the ocean.  Later as her vision went she loved to ride around in her red wagon.  She will be missed

Hunter, More Than 2 Years Later

hunter-02From being dumped at animal control to an unknown fate to living happily ever after over 2 years later.  Life is good!happily-ever-after-2016




happily-ever-afterThis is what Happily Ever After looks like!!


leeloo-03Adopted and very happy…still!!leeloo-01

Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve

dr-abbottMeet the Professionals of Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve and Destiny for Dogs new Veterinarian of choice
Dr. Linda Abbott


Dr. Linda Abbott has always been crazy about animals. As a child she was usually raising a baby bird, playing with her pets, or volunteering at the local veterinarian’s office, so it seemed like going to veterinary school was a natural choice. She graduated from Kansas State University College of Veterinary Medicine in 1989 and moved immediately to Florida to escape the snow. She has been working with dogs and cats in various locations in Florida since that time. Most recently she started another veterinary practice on Northlake Blvd. She sold that practice and moved back to Kansas briefly, only to return after only one horrible winter! So now she is happy to be back in Florida and excited to be opening Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve!

Dr. Abbott has been a foster parent and is the proud adoptive mother of Summer, a human, and her four furry children: Poochie, Maxx, Popcorn, and Lily. She likes to go to Orlando and ride roller coasters( when it’s not too hot or crowded). She also loves jet skis, antique cars and scary movies.

Dr. Abbott is passionate about animal rescue. She is always picking up strays, fixing them up and finding them homes. She has worked with many local animal rescues such as Big Dog Ranch, Adopt a Cat, Luv a Pet, Animal Care and Control, Second Chance and Pet Haven and will continue to help them as much as possible in her new office.

1039 State Road 7 Suite 103, Wellington, FL 33414


Happy Halloween 2016



Arrow is already neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids, good with dogs, and not good with cats.

arrow-02Arrow is a 28 lb, 1 year old Beagle mix.  He begs like a Beagle and loves to use his nose. He LOVES other dogs and definitely wants a playful doggy friend or two in his new home. He thinks cats are fun to chase and they don’t appreciate it, so a home without cats is best!  Arrow has never met a stranger and loves every new person he encounters, all ages. He knows the basics like sit, down, and paw, and he loves to learn. He’s still very much a puppy. Arrow has a knob on his head where fur doesn’t grow and the vet thinks it was either a burn or blunt force trauma. Whatever happened in his past, he doesn’t keep it with him and loves everybody he meets.  He LOVES to sniff and explore and would love a home with a fenced in yard.  His nose has taken him out of the yard on occasion, so it must be secure!  He has a moderate energy level, so if someone is committed to getting him out for lots of walks and playtime in open spaces he could live in a home without a yard.  His bark can be loud when he’s playful, but he’s quiet and relaxed when he’s crated. Leashes are a must – he follows his nose and doesn’t always stay close!

If you are interested in Arrow please call JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com


cheebee-04Cheebee is a 1-1/2 year old 9 pound Chihuahua Rat Terrier mix.  He is already neutered, up to date with shots, heartworm negative.

Cheebee is semi potty trained, very friendly, quiet, not much of a barker, good demeanor, ok with some dogs but can be shy, loves to sit by you and on your lap.  He had been kept in a tote bag for almost a year driving around with his Uber driver owner and was not socialize.  We believe that Cheebee may have been abused. Cheever does have an ear that droops down because it was not medically treated properly.  Cheebee needs a quiet, patient home with no children as he needs to gain more confidence as he shakes when frightened.  Please open you heart and home to this very special little guy who deserves a second chance at happiness. Please call Lucille at 305-205-4648

Sapphire Needs a New Home

sapphire-01Sapphire is a senior dog who is already spayed, housetrained, up to date with shots, good with kids and good with dogs.

Sapphire’s Story…

Sapphire’s owner lost his job and is selling his house.  He is trying to re-home Sapphire, an 8 year old black lab shepherd mix.  Sapphire is spayed, up to date on shots, micro-chipped, housebroken and a very mellow dog that loves to cuddle.  Sapphire is very low energy and good with other dogs, children and all people in general.  She does tend to get scared at times when it thunders or from fireworks.  Sapphire loves sunbathing, she is crate trained and is good on a leash but does not go for walks much because she has a very big back yard.  She is a joy to have as a pet. For additional information or to meet Sapphire, please call Karen at 561-207-1881


simba-01Simba is a male kitten who has received all his vaccinations and has been neutered.  Simba gets along with other cats and would love to have a home of his own.  Please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com

Sadie Needs Help with Medical Procedure


In February, my husband Zach and I decided it was time to add a furry member to our family. After many weeks of searching, we met Sadie at a local Pet Supermarket, through the rescue Destiny for Dogs.  Sadie was rescued off the streets, where she came in contact with forms of bacteria, viruses, and illnesses.  Unknown to us, Sadie spent a majority of her life struggling to breathe, on and off over 20 antibiotics, and forced to go through procedure after procedure.

In May, we were woken suddenly to Sadie again, struggling to breathe, but we knew this time it was life threatening. After spending 2 days in an emergency ICU, we took her home with no answers.  Over the past 6 months, we have met with specialists, tried additional antibiotics and medications, only for Sadie to continue to decline.  After an additional emergency visit last week, we met Dr. Armstrong who proposed a different medical path for Sadie, one that no other specialist has tried.  We completed once again, an expensive procedure, a CAT scan with IV contrast.  FINALLY, we believe we have a plan to move forward.  But we have a problem, combined between Destiny for Dogs and our personal expenses; we have spent over $10,000 on Sadie.  Sadie needs to have a sample taken from the infected part of her lungs and wash out the infected area in her nasal cavity. These two procedures are going to cost approximately $3,000.

Sadie has a special place in our hearts and is a treasured member of our family, but we have poured everything we can into her.

Please consider donating to her causes, every little bit counts.  Help us save Sadie and give her a life she has never known, a life free from infection, illness, and doctors’ visits.  Time is critical; she needs this procedure as soon as possible.

Hopscotch in Hospice

hopscoth-03Hopscotch is a 9 week old puppy found in the garbage and taken in by Destiny for Dogs.  Hopscotch has a heart condition and she will sadly “outgrow” her heart within 9 months.  Hopscotch has gained 1 pound since being rescued.  The vet and staff are taking very good care of Hopscotch and Hopscotch will remain in her foster home and we will all ensure that whatever life she has on this earth will be happy and full of love.

Many thanks to a very special someone for donating the funds for Hopscotch’s tests and offering to assist with her monthly meds.  We are still in need of assistance with Hopscotch’s vet visits. Destiny will be sending special food monthly via chewy.com.

Please keep this darling girl in your loving thoughts and prayers.  Please don’t worry about Hopscotch as her Hospice parents will not let a day go by without her feeling love, tenderness and happiness.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Hopscotch’s life.

Toby Loves His New Family


Lily is Beautiful

kitty-01kitty-05A Good Samaritan saved this beautiful 1 year old kitten just before she was going to be euthanized.  She has all her vaccinations, rabies, has been spayed and received a clean bill of health.  If you would like to be loved by this angel please contact Sabina Salay at 702-580-9760 or sabinasalay@hotmail.com



Elvis 01Elvis has left the building…and has been ADOPTED!!



Benny 02

Benny has joined the “Foster Failure” program…or should I say his foster family FAILED.  Benny will live forever with his foster family.


image1Andy is a Spaniel Golden mix male, 2-3 years old and looking for a loving forever home.  Please call JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com

Alexi Lab Mix

alexi-01ADOPTED !

Skyrocket and Babies

Skyrocket 02

Kittens 01 Kittens 02 Kittens 03Skyrocket 01All kittens ADOPTED and mom is a foster failure and going to stay with her foster family…forever

Chelsea Still Spoiled

happily-ever-afterSeveral years later and Chelsea is still loving life.  She just came back from the groomer and apparently it is exhausting to get this beautiful!!


zoey-02 zoey-05 zoey-06ADOPTED

Joey – Hoarding Puppy


Zee – Yorkie

Zee 01 Adopted with my sibling Gee

Gee – Yorkie

Gee 02 Adopted with my sibling Zee.


kat-adopted-chicaChica hit the Jackpot with her new mom and her JRT siblings.  We cannot wait for her holiday dress up photos.  Go to our “American Pet Idol” page and you will see Chica’s family all dressed up.


happily-ever-after-02My new daddy was out of town for a few days and now that he is back I want to be with him all the time.  I love him very much happily-ever-after-04 happily-ever-after

Kora Found a Home

img_2659After my long ride from California to Florida with my new rescue friend I have found a forever home and enjoying watching sports in my new bid with my new family.

Black Kitten

Black Kitten 01Adopted!

Shiloh – Yorkie

Shiloh 03Adopted

Rita – Chi Mix

happily-ever-afterRita is now living happily ever after!

Bailey – Puggle

01I am living happily ever after




Alexi 02



Happily Ever AfterAdopted!!



Coco Living in a Crate – Help this Angel

IMG_2543Coco is at Dr. Barton’s.  Owner is ill and can no longer care for Coco.  This little guy is currently living in a crate at the vet’s office waiting for a forever home.  Coco is 14 pounds. He used to have another house mate that passed away that he got along very well with.  He is on urinary SO dry cat food.  No medications at this time.  Coco is healthy other than needing urinary food.  Coco is very sweet and loving.  Good with other cats. No dogs.  Coco is fully vetted. If you can provide a home please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com

Pet Sitting

Michelle Pet Sitting




01 03Chippy is a mixed breed female, 3-4 years old, 10-12 lbs, fully vetted, up to date on shots, micro-chipped, housebroken, and good in a car and on leash. Chippy needs an “ADULT” home, NO CHILDREN, and would do the best as the only dog, however does get along with one of the dogs where she is living. Foster mom says, “Chippy can be loud sometimes and bark at strangers however has never shown any aggression.” She has a thick soft undercoat, long nose, huge ears, dainty tiny feet, small boned, long bushy tail and almost resembles a miniature wolf or coyote.  Chippy has never been a biter.  If you can provide a home for Chippy please contact JoAnn 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com

Betty and New Mom

Betty 01

Bailey – Chihuahua

image3I am already neutered, housetrained, purebred, up to date with shots, good with kids, and good with dogs.    If you are interested in meeting me please call JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com


Happily Ever AfterMiles first day of high school with Sophie.

First Day of School

Shadow Has a New Family

FullSizeRender (22)Shadow has a new family and there is one more canine sibling at home happily waiting for Shadow’s arrival.

RIP “Jackie 0″ – August 17, 2016

Jackie O Lady in Red

Dear Kat & Bill,

We are truly sorry for the loss of your beautiful and loving Jackie O. She was very blessed to have you and Bill and you were equally blessed to have her. I know that you gave her everything she needed plus all the love and nurturing.

Jackie O will always remain in your loving thoughts and prayers until you meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

We love you dearly

Destiny for Dogs

Teaching Luke to be a “Destiny for Dogs” Volunteer

Luke kissing Layla

Willow and Shadow Update

image1Willow and Shadow were both adopted and living a wonderful life. Willow when found was tied to a pole outside, dirty, depressed and it was obvious that she already had puppies.  We have attached her before photo along with her “Happily Ever After Photos” with her other adopted canine sibling.  This is also a message from their family:

“To all the rescue angels at Destiny for Dogs. Thank you so much for bringing these two adorable sweet dogs into our family.  Please take comfort in knowing you have given them and us a better life and so much love!”

image2 image5 image6 image3 image4


Happily Ever AfterUpdate from Charlie’s new family…”Here is a picture of Mr. Charlie and my two girls.  He has really been a really good dog.  He doesn’t know he is 15 years old.  He has fully recovered from all his illnesses and has put on a couple of pounds.  He likes his life now and is very happy and very active.  He is a very happy dog.”


Joey 05Joey 03

Joey is a 3-year old Corgi-Chi Mix who may be facing the unthinkable – to be sent to the Rainbow Bridge for lack of a stable, loving and permanent home.  For his entire life, he has either been adopted and returned, or bounced from foster home to foster home which none have been able to devote the time, patience and care he needs to learn to live with his special needs.  He has never known true love.

This sweet, lovable, cuddle-bug of a guy can’t process information like most dogs and is easily over stimulated.  He will need to be on medication for life, and is currently working with a veterinarian/behaviorist in Palm Beach to help him learn how to comfort himself and stay calm.  Most of all, he needs a human who is as special as he is and who has the desire to help him live up to his potential.  It is what he deserves!

Joey’s current foster can no longer keep him and boarding is out of the question due to his unique needs.  The lack of stability is exaggerating the affects of this chemical imbalance and his current foster family has little time to devote to his behavioral training.  In short, Joey is out of options and out of time unless we can find him a human who can and will love him for life.

Joey is full vetted and current on vaccinations.  These are his special adoption needs that Destiny for Dogs wants to maintain:

  1. Adopter needs to live within one hour of West Palm Beach.
  2. Adopter must be willing to travel to West Palm Beach at least 2 times a year to meet with the veterinarian/behaviorist who has been working with Joey.
  3. Ideal home is one or two adults (seniors or retirees preferred), no children and no other pets.  If grandkids visit it would be best for Joey to be in a separate room so he can stay calm.

All serious inquiries please contact JoAnn Goodrich at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com

Dexter – ADOPTED

IMG_1035 IMG_9044Dexter is a 4-5 month old purebred min pin male puppy.

Bo the Puggle – ADOPTED


Bo is an 8 year old Puggle (part pug part beagle).

Layla and her new Sissy

Layla and sissyLayla (right) and her new sister playing in the back yard.  These babies love the freedom to run in this big beautiful backyard.

Wedding Services

Katherine “Kat” Harvey is a dear friend of Destiny for Dogs and has been rescuing and loving dogs for quite some time.  All the photos you see on our “American Pet Idol” page with dogs dressed up for the holidays all come from Kat.  These are her personal rescue pets.  Please visit Kat’s web site www.sayido4u.com and see what services she can provide for you or anyone you know.  You may contact Kat at kat@saydo4u.com or text her at 954-675-3931.

Page from Web Site

In Loving Memory of Cornelia Perez

Cornelia PerezAs the shock of losing a beloved friend, my voice has failed me until now.  The world, my world, the rescue world from Vero Beach to our Rescue Destination and beyond gave Heaven back Cornelia Perez on May 15th, 2016.  She was lifted from this earthly life surrounded by her beloved husband, children, dogs, the love and prayers of friends and admirers from every walk of life.

As grief has dulled into an ache to hear her voice one more time, I have dedicated these past hours, days to her words, all that she inspired and taught me about what rescue really means to the animals.  While rescue has long been my passion and has brought me joy in untold quantities and forms – what I will forever be thankful for is Cornelia.  Cornelia brought me hope, inspiration and absolute determination that I could do this.  Never by myself; but with her belief in me and guidance she was the strength and the wisdom out of which my Destiny for Dogs became a reality.

Cornelia Perez was, and will always be, the unsung hero of my heart.  She would never accept praise, applause or accolades she so well deserved in life.  She knew, and assured all of us that our best way to show appreciation of her is to dedicate our hearts and souls to the animals.  Many of us have followed in her footsteps; few of us will ever fill her shoes.

I know I speak for everybody in our corner of the rescue world…she is greatly missed.

Rest in Peace our sweet angel and continue the care of our babies that have crossed over the rainbow bridge that will need your continued love.

All my love to you my dear friend,

JoAnn Goodrich


Fergus 01My name is Clover and I am a female Chihuahua Mix.  I am spayed, housetrained, up to date with shots and good with dogs.  If you are interested in me please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com


Clover 01My name is Fergus and I am a male Chihuahua Mix.  I am neutered, housetrained, up to date with shots and good with dogs.  If you are interested in me please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com


Mia 01My name is Mia and I am a Pomeranian/Chihuahua Mix.  I am spayed, house trained and up to date with shots.  If you are interested in adopting me please contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005 or joann@destinyfordogs.com

Tippy on Vacation in Ohio

03 FullSizeRender IMG_2289

Angel RIP 03-06-01 to 06-19-16

IMG_84081Our Destiny for Dogs friend lost her beloved Angel this 19th day of June.  Angel lived a long and very happy life with her mommy.  She will be missed and will join all our other departed friends at the “Rainbow Bridge”.

Rest in Peacerainbow bridge, maltese

Charles “Chuck” Chandler – Rest in Peace

Chuck ChandlerChuck lived in Fort Myers, FL and passed away peacefully at the age of 67 at Lee Memorial Hospital on May 31st, 2016. In addition to his parents, he is preceded in death by his loving wife Joan Berg Chandler and sister Mary Chandler Mahoney, along with his lifelong companion Scooter Chandler. He loved Scooter, his little Yorkie.  Scooter passed over the rainbow bridge some time ago.

Chuck was a Veteran who served in the Vietnam War.  Chuck enjoyed bird watching and was a member of the Audubon’ Society, NRA and the VFW.  He enjoyed fishing, reading and taking Scooter for long bike rides.

God Bless you Chuck!  Your sweet “Scooter” was waiting for you to be with him for eternity.Yorkie Rainbow Bridge


13062012_1170657499634225_8432349705698564825_n13226865_1180685138631461_5474603241334845949_nChihuahua DoctorPlease read Christian’s story by clicking this link ( #prayersforchristian ) or type it in your search bar.  Christian is a fellow animal lover and needs your prayers and contributions.  Sometimes you need love and comfort and your pets will provide that unconditionally.  This is Christian before and after his illness took over his life and as you can see his beloved friend is still by his side.

Bear’s First Camping Trip

Bonnie now Bear CampingCampingBonnie was adopted and her name was changed to Bear because she is so cuddly and loves to go camping.  This is a rescue’s dream.  Many happy days ahead for Bear and her new family.

Chanel Update

Happily Ever AfterChanelChanel and her new mom doing what they love to do…SHOP!!

I thought it was a white chocolate “Easter Bunny”

05-20-16 Frenchies


05-20-16 Frenchie Shopping List


Happily Ever AfterFiFi with her new mom…who looks happier?

Cookie and George

Happily Every After 05-13-16Cookie and George go everywhere together.  A rescue’s dream.  Thank you George for loving Cookie so much.

Dudley and Dad

Happily Ever After 05-13-16Dudley’s dad says, “He just won’t leave me alone.  This is his way of getting attention.  Man! I love this dog!”


IMG_14931_resizedIMG_14911_resizedIMG_14841_resizedIMG_14811_resizedDudley has a new big home, new big canine siblings and a new family with a big heart

Holy Trinity Doing Great Things Again

image2A great big “Thank You” to the members and congregation for the items collected to donate to Destiny for Dogs to assist with our pet rescue efforts.  Without the assistance of our community the animals would not have a chance in life.  We appreciate anything anyone can provide that will be for our rescues and just know how grateful our rescues are to have these wonderful things.  Many have lived hard lives and it is our job to show them love.


Happily Ever AfterAnnie’s new mom says, “She is a joy and a treasure.”  Happy days ahead for Annie and her new forever family.


Happily Ever AfterCasey was groomed today, has a new home, going to see the doctor and going to dream about the good life in his new forever home.

Riley and Cooper Stayed Together

Happily Ever AfterRiley and Cooper on their first night of many nights with their new mommy.  We are so thankful that their new mommy did not separate them and allowed them to be together forever.

Rest in Peace Miss Vee

image1Today Miss Vee was led over the “Rainbow Bridge” with the help of Destiny for Dogs. Our volunteer (Linda) told her how much she was loved, kissed her little head and hugged her until she passed over.  She is now happy, healthy and whole.  She was loved and will not be forgotten.  Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.  Miss Vee you have a home there with all the other Destiny for Dog angels who are welcoming you into their forever home.

Turbo now Henry

1364image1This was Turbo when he was rescued.  He had a deformed leg, was starving, had skin issues, was in boarding at Animal Care for a while and just depressed.  Now, his new name is Henry, he has a new home and his only worries now are “how much more love and fun can one lucky dog have from their new mom and sister.”Turbo now Henry


IMG_0627Princess is a 3 year old, 15 lb Yorkie mix girl. She has been adopted and will live in New York and Florida.

Happy Easter from “Nippy” Spade

Easter 2016 from the Tobin Spade

Happy Easter 2016

Easter 2016 from Kat

Our Beloved “Aunt Millie” Has Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

AUNT MILLE & FRANCEE 1Destiny for Dog’s friend “Mildred Fier” passed away Friday night, March 18, 2016.  You may not know her but you have seen her.  Look at the top of our web site and you will see Aunt Millie holding Francee who also crossed over the rainbow bridge this year.  They are both together now but will always be remembered by being a permanent part of Destiny for Dogs.

Aunt Millie was born on March 14, 1924 and passed away at the age of 92.  She lived a wonderful long and happy life.  She will be remembered by many for her wonderful deeds she has done in her life and we are happy that she will guide our sweet canine friends in the wonderful afterlife they are all enjoying together.  Rest in Peace our dear friend

Shayna Found Love Fast

Shayna 05Love at first sight.  Shayna is off to her new forever home.

Bandit 3 years later

BanditHi to All at Destiny for Dogs,

I hope you all doing well, as we are here.  We are coming up on our 3rd year with Bandit.  He is doing fine and loves North Carolina, especially when he can sit in his favorite place.  This was just taken before his hair cut.  He is still quite a character, and loving.  Thanks again for helping make this happen.

Beverly Lombard

Happy St. Patrick’s Day 2016

St. Patricks Day 2016

Buddy is Living Happily Ever After

Happily Ever AfterThe new happy couple!!


Happily Ever After 02I can’t tell you how happy we are with BOGIE!  We have designated March 8th as his name day since we don’t know his real birthday.

He is just the most well behaved, sweet soul who wants as much human contact as possible. He is so good natured and so grateful for his new home that he breaks my heart every day. I love him so much. We haven’t done too much exercising yet because I want to wait until his stitches are out. As soon as we got home to Palm Coast he took a big drink of water. He is eating and drinking normally. We are practicing walking on a lead, heal and a little sit and stay. He is such a good boy that he doesn’t really need his cone because if he starts messing with the stitches, a simple ‘no’ command works. All he wants to do is please. Not one accident in the house. He is just perfect in every way.Happily Ever After 01

I have what I think is the first of many funny Bogie stories.  The first time I left him alone was the night of my birthday.  We went to dinner and stayed out for about 3 hours. When we came home, all seemed peaceful enough and I gave him lots of praise for no accidents. Then I went into my shoe closet….I keep tissue paper in all my shoes to keep them clean and in shape. He had delicately removed the tissue paper from two shoes, didn’t chew the shoes but shredded the tissue paper. The funny thing was that he made a neat little pile of paper in the middle of the room. It was so easy to clean up it was like it almost didn’t happen. It was right then and there that I knew we were destined for each other. I am a very neat person (everyone teases me about it) and I finally found a kindred spirit!  Even while making a ‘mess’ Bogie’s was a neat one!

Clyde and he are getting along fine. I am attaching pictures of Bogie with us as well as with Clyde. I can assure you that he has the most wonderful forever home he could possibly want and I have the most wonderful new family member I could possibly want as well. I don’t know how we found each other, but this is for sure a match made in heaven!


Nikki 2ADOPTED ♥ ♥ ♥




IMG_11941 IMG_12111


Legend Is Lucky To Have Rescue Friends

image1Legend is a 10 year old Beagle boy who was dumped at a high-kill shelter by his owner.  This darling, loving and sweet as pie guy had a slim to none chance of finding a new loving forever home to spend the rest of his life.  It was thought that Legend would never leave the shelter alive.  Then a wonderful, loving and caring lady asked if someone could pull Legend as she just had to try and save him.

To make a very long story short, it took a village to finally get Legend to where he needed to be health-wise and into his loving forever home.  Thanks to so many loving and caring rescuers, Legend will now live out the rest of his life, receiving TLC and the best vet care with our very own and amazing, Cornelia and Rene’.

Destiny for Dogs didn’t think twice about paying for all of Legend’s medical bills for his care to get him healthy enough to go to his forever home.  Destiny for Dogs believes that everyone should have a chance at life no matter how short that life will be.  We want all dogs to know love before they cross over the rainbow bridge.

A special “Thank You” to the rescue that pulled Legend from the shelter, provided medical care and paid for his boarding. The terrific gal who originally picked up Legend from the first vet, transported him to “in-house” boarding and then to his loving forever home in Vero.

We all love “Happily Ever After’s” and this is truly one story that will go down in “The Rescue World’s History Book.”

Dexter now named Bullet

Dexter 01Bullet 01Sweet Bullet has found his forever family!  No more sad looks for Dexter since he has found love

Volunteer helps shape dogs’ ‘destiny’

Nina's PhotoSun-Sentinel February 28, 2016

Destiny for Dogs volunteer Nina Blakeman helps animals in need. (Submitted photo / FPG)

By Jennifer Shapiro-Sacks Special correspondent

Name: Nina Blakeman

Residence: West Palm Beach

Birthplace: Central Florida

Family: Married, cat named Sonny

Career: Office manager/receptionist

Organization: Destiny for Dogs is a nonprofit dedicated to assisting seniors in keeping their dogs in their homes. Destiny for Dogs helps by providing food, necessary supplies and veterinary care; short-term foster care in the event of medical and emergency situations; final planning to ensure the pet is cared for in the event the owner is no longer able; they are also active in the rescue and placement of dogs in need.

How long have you been volunteering there?

Three years.

Why do you volunteer?

I want to help save the lives of animals and support people like JoAnn who do the same.

Why did you choose this organization?

JoAnn, who started the organization, helped me save a life of a hard to place dog and she stayed committed with me until placement came, months later.

Describe your volunteer role.

I walk dogs in Rescue Destination that are awaiting a foster home or permanent placement. I attend adoption events when needed and yard sales to raise money to vet animals. I also do feral cat rescue, trapping, sterilizing and finding homes. I assist Destiny for Dogs with providing donated dog and cat food to those families in need and educate them on the importance of spaying and neutering their pets.

What are your goals when you volunteer?

I want to help save the lives of animals and support other rescuers like JoAnn who do the same. The animals deserve all the help they can get.

What does your organization need?

We always need good foster homes, money for vetting and JoAnn could tell you what specific kind of food and other supplies she uses for our dogs.

Are any special events coming up?

Third annual Rainforest Parrot Party on Feb. 28 from 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. at Rainforest Clinic for Birds and Exotics in Loxahatchee and the Palm Beach Sheriff’s Office eighth annual Run for the Animals on April 30 from 8 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Okeeheelee Park in West Palm Beach. Destiny for Dogs will have donation jars and dogs for adoption at both events. Also, there will be a quarter auction on May 25 at the Royal Palm Beach Cultural Center at 6 p.m.

Is there a specific memorable moment that stands out to you during your time volunteering?

Every time we get a malnourished, abused, neglected, discarded, precious animal that blossoms with proper food and medical care and most of all time, attention, love, patience and compassion.

Is there anything else you’d like to add?

Please spay and neuter. Also, I am grateful to be a small part of the huge effort and sacrifices that JoAnn makes every day to save precious animal lives.



Velvet 02




Me and my new mommy!

Dennis, Ginger and Francee

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Greta Relaxed at Home

Happily Ever After as of 02-10-16A year after being adopted Greta is still living the good life.

Scootie is Very Relaxed

Happily Ever After 01Scootie loves his new home.


Bently Happily Ever AfterBentley can’t get enough of those hugs and kisses from his new mom.

Joli has a new family

Joli and BrotherJoli and hew new canine sibling.

Hank has a new Home

Happily Ever AfterHank has a new home and a new name “Dudley”