Tilly now Dogo

Tilly now Dogo is a very happy pup! She is living the dream with her new family. Lots of Love Dogo and her wonderful family.

HomeAgain Microchip Scanner

HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Plus

Destiny for Dogs would like to purchase the HomeAgain Universal WorldScan Plus microchip scanner so we can help lost pets find their families.  Any donations would help.  Click on the link to see the product.

If you donate via PayPal you can go to our web site and just click the PayPal button and put in the memo section “microchip scanner”.  The cost is $390.00




Koko and YumYum

Hi! We’re Koko and Yum Yum!

We’re twin brothers meaning whoever adopts us will get double the love! We are a very close and bonded pair that love each other, and can love you, more than you could ever imagine. Our mom adopted us when we were 8 weeks old and has loved us every day since. Unfortunately, she can’t take us to college with her so she’s trying to find us a new purrfect home!

We both love to play with toys, chase laser pointers and string, and give little nose kisses! Our hair is a bit long and as soft as cotton – everyone we’ve met has fallen in love with cuddling us because we’re so soft and warm. We’re petite boys that can fit right in your arms during snuggle time. We both love to cuddle and have our bellies rubbed! We’d also like to let you know that we are 100% litter box trained, only eat Purina kitten chow, and only live indoors. We have grown up around dogs and do very well with them and other kitty friends.

All we want in life is a soft tummy or lap to lay on that belongs to someone who will return our unconditional love!

To talk about us, contact JoAnn at 561-313-2005


Bagel’s Passing


From Bagel’s loving mom:
Hi Joann,

It is with a heavy heart that I send this email. On Tuesday, October 24, Bagel was put to rest after a very short illness. In March of this year, Bagel went blind due to what the doctor’s believed to be Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS). She still lived a very happy life and we even taught her how to play a modified version of fetch.

During that time, she went on plenty of car rides, played with her other four-legged friends, went to restaurants with me and received plenty of snuggles. In September, days before Hurricane Irma hit, Bagel was diagnosed with diabetes. While she received twice-daily insulin shots, her spirits were high and she never seemed to be in any discomfort.

The weekend Bagel got sick, I was out of town visiting my mom for her birthday. Bagel developed a bloody discharge from her nose and became extremely lethargic. Coupled with her diabetes, it became nearly impossible to treat and stabilize her condition – let alone diagnose the problem. 

I returned from New York late Monday night and went directly to the vet where Bagel was hospitalized. She was in critical condition, but I wanted to give her some time to see if she would turn around now that her mom was home. Unfortunately, Bagel’s condition did not get much better and I had to make the hardest decision of my life the following day.

Before I said goodbye, Bagel gave me one last tail wag. She mustered up the energy she had left to stand for me, although I eventually coaxed her to lay with me in my arms. She slept peacefully with her head on my chest, and this is how she left this world.

My heart breaks every day, but I know that she is in a good place. I am eternally grateful that she came into my life and for that fateful Facebook post that connected me to her and Destiny for Dogs. She changed my life for the better and my life will not be the same without her.

Everyone who met Bagel fell in love with her – from her neverending supply of kisses to her enthusiastic tail wag, she wooed even the mailman and UPS delivery man.

Thank you for bringing Bagel into my life and for all the years your team cared for her. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Bagel sooner.



Lilly – Update

Lilly was adopted and in her loving forever home. Daddy is smiling from ear to ear.

Lilly’s mommy, Dolly (Penny) also went to her loving forever home today. Dolly is doing excellent after recovering from her successful cataract surgery.

🐾Wishing Lilly and her new daddy, “Happy Days Ahead!”


Frondo now Charlie


From Charlie’s daddy:

“Just wanted to let you know Charlie is doing great everyone that meets him falls in love with him🐶 He is really in the best of health and current on his shots.  Charlie spends his time resting in this beautiful weather in his own chair .  His two sisters are doing fine. The vets office call them Charlie and his angels.   Oh yes Christmas pictures at the end of the month.   All our love. Charlie Chrissey and Chloe and me of course 😘😘😘”

This baby was rescued from PBCACC in very bad shape. But baby, look at him now. Thank you Carol Verdigi , Dr. Linda Abbott and staff. Great job.

Good Bye Our Sweet Girl

Good Bye Our Sweet Girl

JoAnn and Kenny Goodrich of Destiny for Dogs saved Abby who had cancer and decided that they would take care of her until it was time for her to go.  She has been a wonderful “work dog” for Destiny as she would be the one that you could use to make sure other rescues were good being with other dogs.  She loved all and was sent to Destiny from heaven above.  Abby crossed over the rainbow bridge today at 11:00am at the Goodrich home in their loving arms.  No more pain or suffering as she is a perfect dog now.  She will be missed.

Happy Halloween

From Destiny’s dear friend and family member, Kat. Two of these three precious babies were adopted by Kat and Bill from Destiny. Their first baby, Darla was also a Destiny Dog. Darla went to Rainbow Bridge last year and is watching over all.

Kat – We love your holiday photos of your rescue babies. You are so creative🌹

Love & Hugs🐾💕



Stanley is a Doxie Pomeranian boy 6 weeks old 3 1/2 lbs. Stanley is still not ready to be adopted. You can still apply to be his future forever family. Isn’t he a cutie.

If you would like additional information or to meet and fall in love with me, please

contact, JoAnn 561-313-2005

or email joann@destinyfordogs.com





Yuli is a 4-7 year old female boxer mix. She weighs 55 lbs, fully vetted, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, heartworm negative and parasite free. She is a very calm, loving, gal who is housebroken, walks well on leash and enjoys car rides.

Yuli was roaming the streets of Kendall and was found by Alizon who stopped the car and she immediately jumped in. Alizon has tried desperately to find Yuli’s owners to no avail. She has been in their loving foster home for months. Yuli’s foster siblings include three other dogs and two cats. She gets along well with all of them.  She loves kids and they love her. Although very calm, she loves to play. At night, Yuli cuddles in bed and sleeps all through the night.

Please open your heart and home to this beautiful, sweet and loving gal who so deserves a new loving home and family.

Thank you🐾💕


Sparky, Shelby, Lilly, Randy, and Jeffrey – Update


We have all found our forever home.

I am spayed, microchipped, parasite free, have received both sets of puppy shots, love other dogs/pups, socialized, and am almost potty trained. I am a puppy so will need lots of TLC, patience to learn to walk on a leash, not chew things that I shouldn’t. I heard crates are great to train puppies. Plus, provide a safe place to go, almost like having my own “den.”

My mom looks very much like a Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever, collie mix. I am not sure who my daddy was as my mommy was homeless and pregnant. I have 4 siblings (they have all found their forever home) and we all look a little different, however are all stunning. I look a little like a Labrador mix. Anywho, there are no guarantees in life on DNA, and what we will look like, we could have had multiple daddies? I just know that we will love you unconditionally.

My mommy Dolly had a rough life on the streets until Destiny for Dogs rescued her. Thanks to Destiny, we were born in a loving, nurturing, home, received the best food and care. Sadly, mommy has a juvenile cataract that needs to be removed so she can see the world in all its glory and help prevent glaucoma in the future. Destiny’s is in the process of raising funds for mommy’s cataract surgery. Even if you decide not to adopt me, would you consider making a tax deductible donation towards my mommy’s surgery which she so deserves?


If you would like additional information or to meet and fall in love with me, please contact, JoAnn 561-313-2005 or


💕🐾”Please Adopt ME”🐾💕

Sparky – Update


Sparky has been adopted and in his new loving forever home. Please let us know if we may assist with finding you another new family member

Thank you for wanting to adopt and not puppy shop.

Peppi Rene now Toby


“These are my babies. The one on the right is Toby aka Peppi Rene, that we rescued from Destiny for Dogs when we lost two elderly fur babies and our white poodle Abbey went into depression. They are the best buddies ever now!! 🐾💕🐾

Thank you Michele Barwick for providing an update and the best home ever for Toby💋

Lily Princess – Update

My  name is now Lily Princess and I am 11 years old and 3 months.  I used to live in West Palm Beach, FL where my life was not very happy.  Tomorrow is my three months anniversary living with my forever parents, Kay and Gerry, in Bradenton, FL.

When I first came here, I had a bad infection near my tail and my doctor gave me medicine for a few weeks. I was naughty and bit Gerry on the nose.  I felt so bad because it bled so bad and she had to go to the hospital.  I know how much they love me because they didn’t throw me out after they.  They hired a good dog trainer to help me learn how to trust people and be around other dogs.  We all still have a lot to learn about each other.

 I am getting my teeth cleaned and any loose ones that hurt pulled soon.  Also a lump will be removed in a couple of weeks.  Not looking forward to that.  But I know how much they love me because they feed me good food and spend time loving on me and playing with me.  I weigh 11 lbs now.  We go for long walks and my legs and back are so much stronger now.

My life is so much better and happier.  I feel safe and loved and never new life could be so good and fun!



Hunter – Update


“He is the entitled prince of our lives. Sweetest boy. Thank you.”

Hunter with Dad, Neal enjoying the beautiful fall weather. Carol, thank you for sharing your two gorgeous guys♥️

Aggie and Fiona – Update


Randy now Bodie

Lucky Randy now Bodie found a great forever home with his new Forever Mom and Dad. He is living the dream.


Jeffrey now Reggie

Jeffrey is now Reggie in his new furever home. 🐾💕

Shelby now Copper

A sweet Happily Ever After for Shelby who is now Copper.


Shelby, now Copper sleeping on her mommy on her ride to her new home.

Gracjana Stern

Get Face to Face with Grace

Gracjana is a huge animal lover and is donating her services at events to help raise money for Destiny for Dogs. Show her some love & support by getting a facial and let her know Destiny for Dogs sent you.



For additional information or to meet this awesome guy Truck

contact Tialynn 772-985-2954

“When a family friend passed away, family dropped off Truck at my front door while I was 7 months pregnant. That was almost 2 years ago, I have been unable to find Truck a new living forever home. I really need help finding him a home! Truck was born 6/6/2012. He is a heart worm survivor (thanks to my husband and I; dropped off to us with heart worm) He is a cattle pittie mix, up to date on all of his shots, he is neutered, all he needs is heartworm/flea pill every month so he doesn’t ever get heartworm again and a home, I have my own to take care of and I don’t know what else to do so I am reaching out to shelters/rescues to get help finding him a home. He can not go to a home with cats(he’s never hurt one he just doesn’t like them much). He is dog picky so he will need a through meet and greet. He is amazing with kids and I hope to find a home with kids and a big fenced in yard.”


Noni – Update


🌹Special thank you and huge hug to Wendy and Joseph Orth for picking up and delivering Noni to her new mom. Wendy and Joe worked their magic with this adoption. Photo of Wendy with Noni and yes, it was hard to say, “Goodbye.” Noni sure looked comfy with Wendy🌹
Also, Huge Hug and Thanks to Sharon Sherman for dropping everything to perform the home visit. It really does take a village♥️

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🐾💕Molly is a female, lab, hound, spaniel mix with stunning markings. She is approximately 4 years old and weighs 60 lbs, spayed, up to date on shots, microchipped, and parasite free. Molly is a fantastic “sniffer”, loves to run, play, sit, give paw (shake), good on leash, housebroken.

Molly is such a beautiful and amazing girl that had a rough life. Found on the streets, starving, dirty, and pregnant. Molly spent the end of her pregnancy, giving birth and weaning her puppies in boarding at Dr. Abbott’s Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve where the staff is madly in love with her. Molly’s puppies were recently adopted and in their loving forever homes. Now it is time for Molly to find her special someone and the loving forever home that she so deserves. Could that be you? If so, please

contact Dr. Abbott’s office ‭(561) 784-8387‬

to schedule a time to meet Molly and fall in love🐾💕





BOCA RATON, FL: Cherry is a 9 year old female calico cat. She is fully vetted, up to date on shots, spayed and microchipped. She is liter trained, has her claws and has been inside and outside. Cherry is good with everybody, gets along with some cats but no dogs.

Please open your gear and home to Cherry.

Contact Toni 561-860-7539

for additional information or to meet Cherry.