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Pupdate: Maggie & Gracie


“We are finally moving to Colorado at the end of this month. Maggie & Gracie are going to love it out there and so will we.”  

🌞🌞We look forward to photos of the Florida Sunshine Girls that will soon become Colorado Snow Bunnies🐰🐰

We are wishing Maggie, Gracie, Mom & Dad, a safe trip and “Happy Days Ahead!”

Update: Petra now Gracie


“Gracie gets better everyday.  She walks on a leash (sometimes) and now sits (also sometimes).  And oh my goodness does she LOVE Auggie.  She absolutely adores him. She sleeps in our bed along with Auggie and sometimes. Mariel, the cat.  (The cat and Gracie have formed a truce). 

She loves to be outside running in the yard or just laying in the sun. She lays in a “sun spot” like a cat soaking up the heat.  I think it just feels so good to be outside. She is completely potty trained.  All the neighbors are smitten (but who could blame them). Thank you so much for bringing her into our lives.  She is such a blessing.”

Gracie was one of 10 Pomeranians rescued from a backyard breeder. All were bad shape, physically and mentally. HUGE THANK YOU to Foster Mom’s Michelle Martin, Jennifer Kelly-strzepka. You have hearts of gold. To our vets and their amazing staff, Linda Abbott , DVM and Evan Kadish, DVM. Plus, Destiny’s Sister Rescue, Have a Heart’s Janice Bagnato Green, Diane Francis, their vet Dr. Butzer and staff. Thanks to Cynthia Clements for picking up nine girls at one time and transporting to Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve. 

Destiny is honored to work with such loving, caring, dedicated, compassionate and committed fosters, rescuers, veterinarians and staff members to get all these angels to the most amazing loving forever homes. 

Pupdate: King

From King’s dad: ‘Twas a year ago today that King began his journey to Virginia. He’s wearing his winter coat in the photo on the left; his spring attire – including bandana – on the right. An ophthalmologist has been treating his dry eye and since January his coat has improved dramatically thanks to a change in food to My Perfect Pet. King would say he was “The King” before I ever showed up. But most days he wants to spend at least 30 minutes in my lap.’

This handsome guy hit the lottery with his extraordinary forever home🐾💕

🐾💕Wishing King and his dad, continued “Happy Days Ahead!”

Update: Scruffy now Lulu!

Special Thank You to Cynthia Clements for trapping Scruffy after she was running lose for 4 months. Thank you for arriving at the Amelia  Earhart Park with freshly cooked bacon at 5am to trap Scruffy! Also, many thanks to Officer Juan for feeding and watching over Scruffy to ensure her safety.  This was total dedication and team work to make this happen. There are not enough words to express our appreciation to Cynthia, Juan, and others who assisted. Thanks to all, this special angel is living the life she so deserved🌹

Scruffy now LuLu is adored by her new mom. She is now fully vetted, happy, healthy, and has a personal trainer. LuLu’s beautiful hair is growing back after being totally shaved down from her entire body being matted. 

We will continue to provide updates as LuLu’s hair grows all the way in and her progress with personal trainer, Jennifer Bielen. 

Love, Hugs, and Thanks to Cynthia Clements for not giving up until LuLu was safe and sound and for transporting her to Dr. Kadish for the medical care💗

We all wish LuLu and her new mom, Happy Days Ahead!