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Angel Gracie


From Gracie’s loving mom, Barbara♥️

Gracie, back home in the woods she loved so much, behind our house. Near Frazier’s memorial. Thank you and Destiny SO much for making this happen. My heart is at peace.. but some tears today, too.♥️

Rest in Peace our sweet Bagel

Bagel came to Destiny for Dogs when her owners could not handle her having accidents in the house.  She was surrendered to Destiny for Dogs and she was taken to the vet and had emergency surgery and literally more than 50 bladder stones were removed which means Bagel was in pain for quite some time.  Deidre adopted Bagel and Bagel was able to live a very happy life.  We are sad to say that Bagel has crossed over the Rainbow Bridge and she will be in our hearts furever.  Deidre says that Bagel brought so much joy to her life and she was so grateful for her short time with her. She wishes more people knew just how much happiness a senior adoption dog can bring to their lives. She misses her every day and feels so very lucky that Destiny for Dogs brought her into her life.

In Memory of: Lola

“Two weeks ago, I had to euthanize my precious Lola due to advanced lung cancer. Poor David has lost his soul mate and has been depressed since that sad day. Today, I brought Mr Chico into the fold after some great meetings and a successful play date yesterday. I know he won’t ever replace Lola, but I think David will be happier and more active with another friend around. Thank you Nina and JoAnn Lewis Goodrich at Destiny for Dogs for making this a great transition!”

Here is a great photo of Miss Lola ❤️ and one of the new friends Chico and David! (Chico is the one receiving the peck on the cheek 😁). Just a reminder that there are alway wonderful dogs available for adoption all over the country. So please, when you are considering getting a new pet ADOPT. DON’T SHOP!!🏆


David and Chico

RIP Sweet Simon

Simon was adopted to the most amazing mom and daughter. It was love at first sight for all. Simon had a few happy, loving and wonderful days with is new family. Simon was limping and crying in pain. He was taken to an emergency vet.  Blood work and X-Rays were performed. Injections of pain meds given. Simon went to the vet shortly after being adopted for a follow up. Additional X-Rays and pain meds provided. Poor Simon was in a lot of pain and even became sick.  He went home with his mom and was provided TLC.

Two days later the reports from two radiologists were provided.  It was what everyone dreads to hear.  Simon had bone cancer. Nothing could be done. The decision was made to let Simon go peacefully to Rainbow Bridge.

Rest in Peace, Dear Simon. You were so loved by your foster mom’s Sam and Sue and your two mom’s, Kimi and Josephine. You were gone to soon.  You will never to be forgotten and always in our loving thoughts, prayers and hearts. Until we meet again…

Rest In Peace Roxy

💔SAD NEWS UPDATE – Roxy the senior beagle went to Rainbow Bridge today💔

From Roxy’s mom and dad, “Roxy was a tender companion to all who needed her. Her memory will live on. Please don’t buy cosmetics tested on animals as beagles are used💔”

Rest In Peace dear sweet Roxy. Until you meet again …

Diamond Girl

💔Diamond Girl Lost her Battle with Lymphoma today. Rest In Peace Angel Girl. You will always shine in our hearts, until we meet again💔

Special thanks to Diamond Girl’s foster parents’ Evelyn Garner & Barry Garner for taking such great care of her. We know how much you loved her and she loved you. Thank you for providing Hospice Care for DG during the last two months of her life. You were her angels.

Many thanks to all who assisted with Diamond Girl’s journey from being on the streets of Miami, to her rescue from MDAS. Plus, her Transport to Dr. Abbott’s Animal Clinic at Wellington Reserve to have her heartworm treatment. Thank you to for your generous donations to assist with Diamond Girl’s treatments.

Dr. Abbott and Staff – Thank You for the love and care you provided to Diamond Girl until the end today when Evelyn held her while she gently passed to Rainbow Bridge 🌈

It takes a Village to provide the best life to a rescue dog. No matter the time, it is the quality of life that matters in the end🌈

The photo below is of Diamond Girl doing what she loved best, chasing lizards. Run free DG, now happy, healthy and whole🌈


In Loving Memory of Chelsea


Chelsea the pekingese was one of my fosters over six years ago until she was adopted by her amazing parents, Carol & Amy.

From Chelsea’s mom:

“Our baby girl left us on Match 6 after being diagnosed with cancer. She was happy and playful to the end. We will miss her. She will always be In our hearts♥️”

Rest In Peace dear, sweet, Chelsea💔🐾💕





Loving Darcy


From Liz regarding her beloved mother and dog Darcy💔

“Darcy passed away, she was such
a sweet loving girl and not even 7 years old. My mom passed away 2 weeks after that.”

Until you meet again…always in you ♥️



Bagel’s Passing


From Bagel’s loving mom:
Hi Joann,

It is with a heavy heart that I send this email. On Tuesday, October 24, Bagel was put to rest after a very short illness. In March of this year, Bagel went blind due to what the doctor’s believed to be Sudden Acquired Retinal Degeneration Syndrome (SARDS). She still lived a very happy life and we even taught her how to play a modified version of fetch.

During that time, she went on plenty of car rides, played with her other four-legged friends, went to restaurants with me and received plenty of snuggles. In September, days before Hurricane Irma hit, Bagel was diagnosed with diabetes. While she received twice-daily insulin shots, her spirits were high and she never seemed to be in any discomfort.

The weekend Bagel got sick, I was out of town visiting my mom for her birthday. Bagel developed a bloody discharge from her nose and became extremely lethargic. Coupled with her diabetes, it became nearly impossible to treat and stabilize her condition – let alone diagnose the problem. 

I returned from New York late Monday night and went directly to the vet where Bagel was hospitalized. She was in critical condition, but I wanted to give her some time to see if she would turn around now that her mom was home. Unfortunately, Bagel’s condition did not get much better and I had to make the hardest decision of my life the following day.

Before I said goodbye, Bagel gave me one last tail wag. She mustered up the energy she had left to stand for me, although I eventually coaxed her to lay with me in my arms. She slept peacefully with her head on my chest, and this is how she left this world.

My heart breaks every day, but I know that she is in a good place. I am eternally grateful that she came into my life and for that fateful Facebook post that connected me to her and Destiny for Dogs. She changed my life for the better and my life will not be the same without her.

Everyone who met Bagel fell in love with her – from her neverending supply of kisses to her enthusiastic tail wag, she wooed even the mailman and UPS delivery man.

Thank you for bringing Bagel into my life and for all the years your team cared for her. My only regret is that I didn’t meet Bagel sooner.



Good Bye Our Sweet Girl

Good Bye Our Sweet Girl

JoAnn and Kenny Goodrich of Destiny for Dogs saved Abby who had cancer and decided that they would take care of her until it was time for her to go.  She has been a wonderful “work dog” for Destiny as she would be the one that you could use to make sure other rescues were good being with other dogs.  She loved all and was sent to Destiny from heaven above.  Abby crossed over the rainbow bridge today at 11:00am at the Goodrich home in their loving arms.  No more pain or suffering as she is a perfect dog now.  She will be missed.

Theodore “Ted” Owens

Theodore “Ted” Calvin Owens

(1923 – 2017)

Theodore Calvin “Ted” Owens passed away Wednesday, July 26, 2017 in Augusta Health in Fishersville, VA. He was born in Bethesda, Maryland to Thomas and Mildred Owens. A proud Veteran of the United States Navy, he graduated from Admiral Farragut Academy and attended the University of Maryland.

Where he met the love of his life, Betty and after a three month courtship they were married. They raised two daughters and had a wonderful and fulfilling life. In his young age Ted worked in construction with his father. Later with a partner he helped form the Congressional Lumber Company. After which he worked for Montgomery County as a building inspector.

Ted and Betty finally retired to Highland Beach,FL where they spent many happy years. He enjoyed his life to the fullest extent and wanted his obituary to read:

“I was born, I lived, it was great and I died!”

Ted is survived by a wonderful daughter, Melissa Ruth and son-in-law, Dr. Robert A. Ruth of Staunton; and a special son-in-law, John R. Underwood of Hypoluxo, Florida.

Those desiring make memorial contributions can donate to Destiny for Dogs, Not-for-Profit 501 (c) (3) at 326 Macy Street, West Palm Beach, Florida 33405. “A charity dedicated to assisting seniors in keeping their dogs at home”.

Stella, You Will Be Forever Missed


Always in our Hearts.. Hopscotch

It is with a heavy heart that I am writing to inform you, Hopscotch went to Rainbow Bridge yesterday. Her little heart finally gave out. Dr. Hedges said Hopscotch went peacefully with her foster mom by her side.

Hopscotch received the best care, TLC and quality of life. At least she didn’t die alone in the dumpsters where she was found.

Special thanks to Dr. Hedges, Sandy Ames, and Hopscotch’s foster family for all they did for this special girl who fought to live a normal life, even only for a brief time.

Until we meet again … always in our hearts.



Aunt “Lil” Lillian Ganz

Those we love can never be more than a thought away… for as long as there’s a memory they live in our hearts to stay. You were a wonderful mother, daughter, grandmother and friend; kind to everyone.

In Memory of Aunt “Lil” Lillian Ganz

Sweet Tukee

Tukee went to peacefully to Rainbow Bridge on March 20, 2017🌈

Tukee had pancreatic cancer and nothing else could be done for him. Tukee was in a loving foster home with our  amazing Sue and Bill who provided the best Hospice care, lots of love, great food, walks, rides in cars.  He was a very special boy💔🌈🌹

Rest In Peace dear, sweet Tukee. Run free, happy, healthy and whole🌞

Rest In Peace dear, sweet Tukee. 💔🌈🌹

In Honor of Aunt Millie

In Loving Memory of our beloved, Aunt Millie. March 18th will be the one year anniversary of her passing💔

We are sending our loving thoughts and prayers to Aunt Millie’s daughters’ Marla, Wendy and their families🙏

We all love and miss Aunt Millie🐾💕

Mildred Frier
March 14, 1924 – March 18, 2016

Aunt Millie holding Francee🐾💕

Sergeant Daniel P. Orr

“In Loving Memory” of Sergeant Daniel P. Orr who passed away February 2017.  Danny, a tough, proud Marine who loved his dogs.  This was Danny with his beloved dog, Diamond.

He will be missed by all.

Dear T-Bone


Dear T-Bone,

We did our best to provide you a second chance at life. You were so loved by all who touched you.💕

We took you for a long ride in the car, listened to music, you ate cheeseburgers, Dr. Abbott and her staff gave you yummy treats, until it was time for you to go. I spoke to you softly, told you how much you were loved and held you closely, until you went peacefully. We were all with you while you crossed over the Rainbow Bridge🌈

Run free and happy dear T-Bone. No more suffering, no more pain, no more being neglected.

When you left, you took a piece of my heart. Until we meet again…

Sweet Lucy

Lucy and Ricky Update for Web SiteRest in Peace dear, sweet, beautiful, Lucy. Until we meet again.  You will remain in your parent’s (and my) heart

Otis Will Be Missed

image1Otis will be truly missed by his Mom, Dad, Barry and the entire family.  Cancer took this sweet angel.


Pug Angelimage2

RIP Barbara J. Petraitis 1946-2016

current-photoDestiny’s dear friend and Toby’s beloved mother, Barbara passed away sadly leaving her three dogs, Duke, Pupster and Toby plus her two cats, Minnett and Mui Mui.  Barbara was a great supporter of Destiny for Dogs.  We have taken her fur babies (Duke, Pupster and Toby) and will find loving homes for them.

Update:  Pupster and Duke are with their new loving forever homes.

During Barbara’s memorial service we met Lucy.  She asked about Barbara’s babies.  Afterwards Lucy went to Toby’s foster parents, Sue and Bill, to meet this special boy. It was love at first sight.  Below is a picture of Lucy and her son Luke. img_3694fullsizerender



RIP Darling Darla

darla-01Darla was a very special dog.  She loved to go for walks and chase her ball into the ocean.  Later as her vision went she loved to ride around in her red wagon.  She will be missed

Hopscotch in Hospice

hopscoth-03Hopscotch is a 9 week old puppy found in the garbage and taken in by Destiny for Dogs.  Hopscotch has a heart condition and she will sadly “outgrow” her heart within 9 months.  Hopscotch has gained 1 pound since being rescued.  The vet and staff are taking very good care of Hopscotch and Hopscotch will remain in her foster home and we will all ensure that whatever life she has on this earth will be happy and full of love.

Many thanks to a very special someone for donating the funds for Hopscotch’s tests and offering to assist with her monthly meds.  We are still in need of assistance with Hopscotch’s vet visits. Destiny will be sending special food monthly via

Please keep this darling girl in your loving thoughts and prayers.  Please don’t worry about Hopscotch as her Hospice parents will not let a day go by without her feeling love, tenderness and happiness.

Thank you to everyone who has been a part of Hopscotch’s life.

RIP “Jackie 0” – August 17, 2016

Jackie O Lady in Red

Dear Kat & Bill,

We are truly sorry for the loss of your beautiful and loving Jackie O. She was very blessed to have you and Bill and you were equally blessed to have her. I know that you gave her everything she needed plus all the love and nurturing.

Jackie O will always remain in your loving thoughts and prayers until you meet again at Rainbow Bridge.

We love you dearly

Destiny for Dogs

In Loving Memory of Cornelia Perez

Cornelia PerezAs the shock of losing a beloved friend, my voice has failed me until now.  The world, my world, the rescue world from Vero Beach to our Rescue Destination and beyond gave Heaven back Cornelia Perez on May 15th, 2016.  She was lifted from this earthly life surrounded by her beloved husband, children, dogs, the love and prayers of friends and admirers from every walk of life.

As grief has dulled into an ache to hear her voice one more time, I have dedicated these past hours, days to her words, all that she inspired and taught me about what rescue really means to the animals.  While rescue has long been my passion and has brought me joy in untold quantities and forms – what I will forever be thankful for is Cornelia.  Cornelia brought me hope, inspiration and absolute determination that I could do this.  Never by myself; but with her belief in me and guidance she was the strength and the wisdom out of which my Destiny for Dogs became a reality.

Cornelia Perez was, and will always be, the unsung hero of my heart.  She would never accept praise, applause or accolades she so well deserved in life.  She knew, and assured all of us that our best way to show appreciation of her is to dedicate our hearts and souls to the animals.  Many of us have followed in her footsteps; few of us will ever fill her shoes.

I know I speak for everybody in our corner of the rescue world…she is greatly missed.

Rest in Peace our sweet angel and continue the care of our babies that have crossed over the rainbow bridge that will need your continued love.

All my love to you my dear friend,

JoAnn Goodrich

Angel RIP 03-06-01 to 06-19-16

IMG_84081Our Destiny for Dogs friend lost her beloved Angel this 19th day of June.  Angel lived a long and very happy life with her mommy.  She will be missed and will join all our other departed friends at the “Rainbow Bridge”.

Rest in Peacerainbow bridge, maltese

Charles “Chuck” Chandler – Rest in Peace

Chuck ChandlerChuck lived in Fort Myers, FL and passed away peacefully at the age of 67 at Lee Memorial Hospital on May 31st, 2016. In addition to his parents, he is preceded in death by his loving wife Joan Berg Chandler and sister Mary Chandler Mahoney, along with his lifelong companion Scooter Chandler. He loved Scooter, his little Yorkie.  Scooter passed over the rainbow bridge some time ago.

Chuck was a Veteran who served in the Vietnam War.  Chuck enjoyed bird watching and was a member of the Audubon’ Society, NRA and the VFW.  He enjoyed fishing, reading and taking Scooter for long bike rides.

God Bless you Chuck!  Your sweet “Scooter” was waiting for you to be with him for eternity.Yorkie Rainbow Bridge

Rest in Peace Miss Vee

image1Today Miss Vee was led over the “Rainbow Bridge” with the help of Destiny for Dogs. Our volunteer (Linda) told her how much she was loved, kissed her little head and hugged her until she passed over.  She is now happy, healthy and whole.  She was loved and will not be forgotten.  Until we meet again at the Rainbow Bridge.  Miss Vee you have a home there with all the other Destiny for Dog angels who are welcoming you into their forever home.

Our Beloved “Aunt Millie” Has Crossed Over the Rainbow Bridge

AUNT MILLE & FRANCEE 1Destiny for Dog’s friend “Mildred Fier” passed away Friday night, March 18, 2016.  You may not know her but you have seen her.  Look at the top of our web site and you will see Aunt Millie holding Francee who also crossed over the rainbow bridge this year.  They are both together now but will always be remembered by being a permanent part of Destiny for Dogs.

Aunt Millie was born on March 14, 1924 and passed away at the age of 92.  She lived a wonderful long and happy life.  She will be remembered by many for her wonderful deeds she has done in her life and we are happy that she will guide our sweet canine friends in the wonderful afterlife they are all enjoying together.  Rest in Peace our dear friend